Homeroom Puppet Show

Sean Sorek, staff writer

Stone Bridge has seen fairies, demons, witches, and radiation poisoning, but for the first time, Stone Bridge is going to see puppets. The competition one act, “Homeroom,” is playing Jan. 24, 25, 26, Feb. 2, 9, and March 2.


The plot revolves around an energetic homeroom teacher, Wesley (played by Sam Fremin) and his various uninterested students. The show takes place over the course of the school year, with scenes occurring at important events during the year, like Halloween or Christmas. Wesley constantly tries to get his class to be excited about the various typical school moments, but they never budge.


The show was originally written last year by former students William Helmrath and Joan Flaherty for the end of year senior one-act performances. It was chosen for this year’s winter one-act performance.


“It’s such a rewarding experience to see something you’ve created come to life,” Helmrath said. “I’m so proud of the cast of “Homeroom” for taking a silly script my friend and I wrote and making it a reality.”


The main distinguishing feature of “Homeroom” is the inclusion of puppets. Each student has their own puppet, representing the character. Puppet designer Sydney Skelton thinks it will add a special something to the show.


“I think it will add a humor that you just can’t get when there’s only people playing  the characters,” Skelton said. “They’re like caricatures.”


Stage Manager Riley White agrees.


“The script itself is already absolutely hilarious, and the puppets just add the silliness of the story,” White said. “The puppets also add another layer of creativity.”

maybe ask how they are made? how many are being made? what do they look like/made of