Dangers of Dyeing Hair at Home

Evelyn Rude, staff writer

Dyeing hair is getting more and more popular, and that means people will find cheaper ways to do it. Sometimes, trying to DIY can lead to permanent damage and scary situations. Here is why dyeing hair at home is not a good idea.


The Different Types of Hair:

It is important to understand that not everyone can have certain colors due to their hair type. If someone has thin hair, making it silver would not be a good idea due to the harshness of hair bleach and how damaging it can be. People with thick virgin hair (hair that has never been dyed) can pull off silver hair because thick hair can go through multiple processes of bleach. If a person has light blonde hair already, they can try to dye it silver, but they would have to take really good care of it. A person with medium thick hair can also try to pull off silver.

Understanding Pricing at Salons

The prices for dyed hair and different styles when it comes to dyeing hair can vary. It depends on the type of hair a person has, the length of their hair, and the process they want. If a person has short thick dark hair, the price could be high due to the darkness of their hair and the amount of time it would take for bleaching. It took six hours to bleach my black hair in order to make it silver. The total cost was $450  because of the amount of time it took and the process. I also had short black hair as well. The cost made sense because the process included full foil wrapping, three processes of bleach, and styling. The products used for dyeing my hair was also expensive because I went to the best salon in Loudon County (Current Salon and Color Bar by Nese). When it comes to finding places to dye hair, make sure there are good reviews and pictures to see the looks the salon has done. Many people do not understand the time and process it takes to dye hair. Multiple people are spending hours trying to make one’s hair look perfect and it can take a whole day. And many stylists have to buy their own products too, which is why part of the costs are high.


Drugstore hair dye and bleach is affordable, but the ingredients in them can contain sulfate and harsh toxic ingredients that can make hair dry and brittle. Before dyeing hair, look for products like Olaplex, blonde shampoo, hair masks free of sulfate and look for oils to use before drying hair. All of these products can help maintain dyed hair for a long time and would not make dyed hair fade so quickly.


Recommended Products to Maintain Dyed Hair

Hair Wash:

  • Kevin Murphy Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to get rid of brassiness and maintain blonde, silver, and lavender hair.
  • J Beverly Hills Blonde Conditioner to get rid of brassiness
  • Viral color shampoo and conditioner to maintain hair color besides silver and blonde


Hair Masks:

  • Kevin Murphy Repair.Me Hair mask. Use it after shampooing and keep it in for 5-15 minutes.
  • Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask
  • Purple Hair Mask for Blonde and Silver Hair by Unknown


Oils (use this after towel drying hair and after blow drying hair)

  • Grapeseed oil for hair
  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil


Maintaining Dyed Hair

There are many ways you can keep hair color for more than a month. Normally, when someone dyes their hair at home, it tends to fade within a month’s time because they do not know how to maintain it. The reasons could be over washing their hair. Ideally, people with dyed hair should wash their hair once or twice a week to keep the moisture and color in their hair If they wash their hair more than twice, the hair does not have enough time to bring back its natural oils to keep the hair healthy and the dye would fade quickly. Another reason is not properly drying dyed hair. After washing the hair, the person should towel dry their hair and make it at least 80% dry, put oil on it, and then blow dry it. When using the proper blow dryer, a person should be using a blow dryer with an attachment to reduce frizz and dryness. It is really important to blow dry dyed hair or else the moisture in the air will damage the dyed strands of hair. NEVER brush wet dyed hair unless blow drying it at the same time because doing this can destroy the dyed hair and it can lead to breakage which is when the hair breaks off when brushing it. Make sure to use a styling brush that can be used with a blow dryer. After blow-drying dyed hair, make sure to follow through with a quarter size amount of oil and put it on the dyed hair.


Overall, if you want to dye your hair, please understand the cost of it and how to maintain it. Understand the type of hair you have and what look best fits you. Not all hair looks online are possible either. It is not possible to have pure white hair unless you bleach your hair multiple times, and that is very bad for your hair. If you still think dyeing hair at home is the best, have another person help you.