Job Opportunities in Ashburn

Tanuj Sistla, staff writer

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When vacations come around, students look for opportunities to occupy their time with something other than schoolwork. Sometimes, a job is their perfect escape.


There are a lot of different part-time jobs available for students who wish to earn money while trying to receive their education, varying in many different fields ranging from waiting tables at different restaurants, to being a cashier at retail stores.


Fulfilment of the soul comes with helping the elderly, and that is exactly what an employee does when working as a waiter at a restaurant in Ashby Ponds. Starting at a pay rate of $11 an hour, job-seekers can meet a lot of people of different ages, and hear many stories.


“It’s awesome,” junior Anthony Montalvo said after being inquired about his job at Ashby Ponds. “I get to know all these kind people who have so many interesting stories and also the pay is really nice.”


Waiting is also trendy at the hibachi restaurant Nagoya, with its wide range of customers and different Japanese food items.


“Come work at Nagoya!” junior Ryan Shears said. “The wait staff is great, the managerial staff are also super nice, and the pay is phenomenal, since at the end of the day, you are paid what you work for. Although it starts at $7.50 an hour, I average at about $17 an hour with tips.”


For high school students who greatly enjoy film, a movie theater usher may be the perfect part-time job, giving students the opportunity to meet plenty of different people and gain benefits at movie theaters.


“I work at Cobb Village 12 Theatre in Leesburg,” junior Lily Peters said. “It’s fun working there because you’re always meeting new people and having conversations. Most people that come in are nice but others can be very rude. My coworker got fries thrown at him once.”


Cashiers make up the personality of different stores, which is why working at Wegmans can be a great part-time job for high school students.


“The people are really nice at Wegmans,” junior Sophia Yankou said. “Although work is tiring, and often I’m having to deal with angry old people. But the food is really nice and I enjoy working, since my managers are good.”


Cashiers can also find a home at Homegoods, the discount home furnishing store. Here, the starting wage is $10 an hour.


“It’s nice,” junior Jackie Chance said. “I feel like I learn a lot, and the bosses are nice. It’s a really good experience, where I can interact with a lot of people.”


Overall, a part-time job can help people to interact with others. It can open one up to many different perspectives, and give people insight on how other people in the world are.


“”It’s pretty cool and interesting to meet so many different types of people,” junior Gabe Rodriguez said, who works at Harris Teeter. “Some people are nice, respectful, and will hold a conversation with you, others just want to get their groceries and go home. All in all, it feels like more than just groceries when you get to talk to new people, or people you already know.”