Survival Hacks for Black Friday

Evelyn Rude, staff writer


It’s that time of the year to buckle down and save money during Black Friday. With these Black Friday hacks, anyone can become a pro at shopping, navigate the chaos with ease, and save your wallet from becoming empty.


  1. Compare Prices

When shopping at stores, stores can fake a price and just make it more expensive as it seems on Black Friday and use the regular price as a discount price. Amazon has a real time price check of any item you want by scanning it. Just simply click the camera icon that is next to the search bar and choose scan barcodes. Scan the barcode of the item you want and Amazon will search it for you. If Amazon has a cheaper price, you can order it with 1-click ordering.


  1. Online Shopping Hack

For the people who prefer online shopping over store shopping, the website Honey is a website that can locate multiple coupons for anything a person purchases. Food, makeup, clothes, furniture, and so on. The website adds all the coupons to your shopping cart and can help you save a lot during Black Friday shopping and in general.


  1. Social Media

Sometimes, brands will give exclusive deals and coupons on their social media page. If you plan to shop at any stores and want to save money, follow the brand’s Instagram page or Twitter page for exclusive deals and prices.


  1. The More the Merrier

It is hard to run around with a shopping cart to find the items during Black Friday. The place is crowded with children and jumping mothers. To make life easier, invite a few friends to help find items. Make a group chat and have a list for each person. One person can be in charge of electronics, the other clothes, and etc. That way, everyone can find things more easily and quickly. It’s better than having to lug a shopping cart by yourself.


  1. Know Your Environment

This hack will help you maneuver around the store and avoid wasting time on the wrong aisles. Before Thanksgiving, go to a store and walk around. Know what you want to buy and where to get it. Read the aisle signs and know the location. This hack will help waste less time and help you use that time for more shopping.


  1. Save Those Receipts!

Many stores have coupons at the bottom of a receipt. A receipt can help you save up to 25% off on an item or purchase. You can keep those coupons and bring it to the store again and save even more on Black Friday.


When shopping on Black Friday, please make sure to shop wisely and be safe!