Running Dog Produces ‘Radium Girls’

Brian Moran, staff writer

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Stone Bridge High Schools Running Dog Productions will be putting on “Radium Girls” as their fall play.  The play, written by D. W. Gregory, focuses on the famous true story of a group of female workers who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with luminous paint.

“I’m excited that it’s a super realistic show and that the audience will actually be on the stage,” Sam Fremin, a senior playing Arthur Roeder, the company president who inadvertently gives his workers cancer, says.

“I like that it is a realistic piece, different from shows that I have done before,” sophomore Olivia Smith said.

“It really pushes actors to understand human emotions.” Smith is in her third Running Dog Productions show, and will be playing the mother of Grace Fryer, a dial painter who is fighting for justice for the atrocities her and her fellow coworkers have suffered.

The show will run Nov. 8-10 and