DC Universe Rebooted…Again


The Co-Chairmen and CEOs of DC Comics, James Gunn and Peter Safran, have announced the plans for the first 10 projects in their revisioned DC Universe on Jan. 31.

The projects will span across film, live-action television, and animation with the goal of refacing DC Comics on the big and small screens. The first chapter of Gunn and Safran’s plan is called “Gods and Monsters”. 

 “Chapter 1 tells cohesive stories that highlight love, compassion, and the innate goodness of the human spirit, all designed to minimize audience confusion and maximize audience engagement across platforms.” Safran said on the DC website.

The first of these stories to debut will be the seven-episode animated series Creature Commandos, which is written by Gunn himself. The story focuses on a group of monsters, including a werewolf, a vampire, the bride of Frankenstein, and more, brought together to fight a worldwide evil. While the show is animated, there are plans to bring these characters into live-action.

“Something we’re going to do that’s a little bit different at DC is [we are] going to have characters move into animation, out of animations, usually having the same actor play their voice who plays them in live-action,” Gunn said in a DC Slate announcement.

The next project afterwards will be “Waller”, which will see EGOT winner Viola Davis reprising her role as Amanda Waller for her own live-action series. The story will see the morally ambiguous government leader team up with members of team Peacemaker. “Waller” will be written by Christal Henry, a writer of “Watchmen”, and creator of the “Doom Patrol” show, Jeremy Carver.

“It is a fantastic story that is out of this world, and I cannot wait for people to see it,” Gunn said.

“Superman: Legacy” will be the first film to be released, which will be written by Gunn and already has a release date of July 11, 2025. This movie serves as the true start of Gunn and Safran’s DCU.

“It’s not an origin story,” Safran said to “Hollywood Reporter”. “It focuses on Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. He is the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way. He is kindness in a world that thinks that kindness is old-fashioned.” 

Following this will be a big premiere HBO Max television series called “Lanterns”. It will focus on Green Lanterns John Stewart and Hal Jordan as they uncover a dark mystery that will tie in and connect to the rest of the DCU.

“This plays a really big role in leading into the main story we are telling across film and TV,”  Safran said.

“The Authority” will be the second movie to be released. The Authority are a group of superheroes who think the world is broken and desire to fix it by any means necessary. 

“One of the things of the DCU is that it’s not just a story of heroes and villains.” Gunn said. “Not every film and TV show is going to be about good guy versus bad guy; giant things from the sky come and good guy wins. There are white hats, black hats and gray hats.”

A television series about Wonder Woman’s birthplace, the island Themyscira, titled Paradise Lost will be next. The series will show the lives of the Amazonians’ and will be filled with political intrigue and scheming.

“It’s almost like Game of Thrones with Westeros, but with all the inhabitants of Paradise island.” Gunn said

The introduction of the DCU’s new Batman will be seen on the big screen in The Brave and the Bold. Based on Grant Morrison’s run of the comic, the story will follow the Caped Crusader and Damian Wayne, the assassin-raised, murderous biological child of Batman.

Chapter 1 tells cohesive stories that highlight love, compassion, and the innate goodness of the human spirit…

— Peter Safran

Another HBO Max series is coming called Booster Gold. The cult favorite hero, who was created in 1986 by Dan Jurgens, is a glory-seeking show-off who utilizes time travel to feel important. 

“He’s a loser from the future who uses future technology to come back to present day and become a superhero so people will love him.” Gunn said. “It is basically the superhero story of imposter syndrome.”

The next film will be Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, a sci-fi adventure focusing on Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El. The movie will be based on the beloved award-winning comic stories by Tom King and have a darker take on the Supergirl character.

“We will see the difference between Superman, who was sent to Earth and raised by loving parents from the time he was an infant, versus Supergirl, raised on a rock, a chip off of Krypton, and who watched everyone around her die and be killed in terrible ways for the first 14 years of her life and then come to Earth,” Gunn said.  “She is much more hardcore and not the Supergirl we’re used to.”

Finally, the last announced project for the new DCU is a live-action Swamp Thing movie, which will  focus on the tragic and grim origins of the character.

“Although it’s tonally outside the rest of the DCU, it will still feed into the rest of the stories,” Gunn said.