No Need for Saving, SZA Tops the Chart with New Album “SOS”


R&B singer-songwriter SZA’s new album, “SOS”, has reached the top of the Billboard 200 for the third week in a row. With 169 million streams in the US and 810 million on streaming services, the album became a massive hit among music listeners almost instantly. 

Including features such as Travis Scott, Phoebe Bridgers, Don Toliver, and others, “SOS” hit instant fame on music apps and social media. One of the more popular songs on her LP, “Kill Bill”, has gone viral on TikTok, becoming one of the first of the many tracks to have rapid success among fans.

“My favorite feature was Phoebe Bridgers,” senior Hanaan Kazia said. “I think their vocals matched surprisingly well together. It was not a collaboration that many would expect, but it worked perfectly.” 

A few days after the release of “SOS” on Dec. 13, SZA released her new country-wide tour, a rarity as she has only performed live roughly 20 times since the pandemic in 2020. Tickets went on sale Dec. 16 and sold out almost immediately. 

“I think the tour is going to be really cool. She’s always done a really good job performing, and I’m so excited.””

— Noah Wallner

“I think the tour is going to be really cool,” junior Noah Wallner said. “She’s always done a really good job performing, and I’m so excited.”

Stone Bridge students aren’t the only fans of the artist; many celebrities in SZA’s industry are fervent supporters. Wildly successful singer-songwriter Lizzo praised SZA on Instagram after she guest-starred at the artist’s “Special” tour concert. 

“My actual sister,” Lizzo said. “I could cry thinking about you right now. Nothing could make ‘Special’ more special than you.”

Enduring through the season of Christmas’ best hits topping the charts, SZA’s album is an indisputable success. “SOS” can be found on any streaming service, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Her tour starts Feb. 21 in Columbus, Ohio, and finishes March 22 in LA.

“I thought ‘SOS’ was a really beautiful album,” Kazia said. “The production was gorgeous and I think it was worth the wait.”