“Modern Warfare II” Part Two


Only nine months after the last “Call of Duty” release, Activision has come out with a polished rebranding of one of its most esteemed titles: “Modern Warfare 2”. After very mixed reviews of “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, fans of the first-person shooter have even higher demands for a new iteration from the accomplished franchise.

With every new “Call of Duty” game comes a reimagined campaign, causing a multitude  of reactions each time from those who play it. “Modern Warfare 2″‘s campaign, like most recent games, takes inspiration from past successes, although with increased twists and turns that lead to the main action of the game being spread out thinly. 

While Activision attempted to set the game into a believable world and situation, they largely did not succeed, as “Modern Warfare II” seems more like an action movie than a war video game.

However, between the game’s 17 missions incorporating the franchise’s iconic settings and the release of a new generation of consoles, the game’s graphics are absolutely astonishing. Even though the game may seem confusing at first, deeper into the game you will find superb actors, graphics, and an overall great gaming experience. 

I think the campaign is better than the previous Call of Duty games overall, but considering the campaigns were when the franchise started, I am disappointed almost every year when a new installment releases.” ”

— Dylan Thomas

“I think the campaign is better than previous Call of Duty games overall,” senior Dylan Thomas said. “But considering the campaigns were when the franchise started, I am disappointed almost every year when a new installment releases.”

Compared to previous multiplayer modes in the “Call of Duty” franchise, this installment is largely similar save for some minor quality changes that make major improvements. “MW2” is still the fast paced, high energy shooter players are used to, but regular modes are scaled down to 6v6, which decreases what now seems like slower and quieter gameplay. Additionally, compared to the 2019 version of “Modern Warfare”, the movements are far less twitchy and jumpy, making the game on par with its 2009 version, allowing players to appreciate the smooth and relaxed gameplay. 

“When I bought Modern Warfare 2 about a week ago, I was really hoping they would improve from their already solid multiplayer mode,” sophomore Gavin Harrison said. “And I was largely satisfied with how they improved the game and I’m very excited with how they can make the game even better.”

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”  is available on the new generation consoles, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. You can get the new, action-packed “Call of Duty” for $70 either online or at a local Gamestop.