Downtown Holiday Market


For 19 years, the Washington D.C. Downtown Holiday Market has been a delightful experience for family and friends.

Located at the crossroads of F St NW and 8th St NW in Washington, D.C., the Holiday Market is a melting pot of different cultures that come together to celebrate the holiday season and support local businesses. With so many different products, the Holiday Market has something for everyone.

I loved seeing all the different cultures represented

— Hannah Kennedy


Popular shops like candlemakers, artists, and clothing stores take inspiration from all over the world. Materials and designs from many Eurasian countries, like Turkey, Tibet, and Germany, make up most of the products sold at these businesses. Some of the more unique shops sell tool shaped chocolate, Tibetan blankets, and foreign spices.

“We went to a food stand to get hot chocolate and some mini doughnuts,” sophomore Lex Chapman said. “They were both yummy and the workers there were extremely kind! Plus, the line moved quickly, so the wait [for the donuts and hot chocolate] was shorter than expected.”

The market doesn’t just sell scented candles and pictures, though; a number of local bands perform at the center of the event with seating areas and food tents acting as cafes set up nearby, selling doughnuts, coffee, tea, and other festive baked goods.

“I loved seeing all the different cultures represented,” said junior Hannah Kennedy. “There were a bunch of vendors from Africa, India, Argentina; lots of different backgrounds coming together in one place.”

Holiday themes are prevalent throughout the street in the form of  decorations, winter paintings, holiday songs, and festive candles. Many market goers arrived dressed in, or with pets dressed in, Holiday hats and sweaters, with some dancing to the festive tunes played in the street.

All-in-all, the Downtown Holiday Market’s products, food, and entertainment provide an enjoyable time and makes the event worth checking out this (or any) holiday season.