God of War: Best Video Game of All Time


Over the past, video games have slowly become part of just about everyone’s life, players and non-players alike. Now, almost every kid in America and beyond plays some sort of video game in their childhood. After years of gaming, people are finally coming together to vote on the ‘Best Video Game of All Time’. 

A couple of weeks ago, the popular video game and entertainment website, Imagine Games Network (IGN), hosted a tournament to settle the score of what is the best video game of all time. Over the month of September, a total of 26 million people voted their favorite game in hopes of it ranking no. 1. After an intense battle and a lot of heated debates. The famed video game God of War (2018) defeated Grand Theft Auto V by over 100 thousand votes to take the crown.  

Now that we know what game is objectively the best game of all time, it is time to see what Stone Bridge thinks of God of War winning the tournament and what they think of their favorite video game either not making the tournament or coming up short. 

“I was really looking forward to the tournament ever since it was announced and even though my favorite video game did not win the tournament (Doom), I still really like the results,” junior Evan Smirnoff said. “ God of War is just the perfect game really, its graphics are amazing, there is a mystery or a puzzle to be solved in every part of the game, and, most importantly, the story is absolutely amazing.”

Ever since its release, the game has immediately become a hit and has received high praise everywhere it reaches. Although, just like every game, there are some critics. 

“Personally, I like God of War, but most of the game seems like it’s just not for me,” senior Riley Russell said. “There are just so many better games out there–like GTA V, for instance. The thing with GTA is that the game is so complex with the amount of things to do but so simple at the same time. You can just drive around or you can go on some insane heist.” 

While some students have either never heard of the game before or just do not like the game in general, there is still strong support for the game school-wide, country-wide, and world-wide. Even though some people’s favorite games did not make the list or fell short of the award, it is always wonderful to look back on the incredible games that made some people’s best moments in their lives.

The best part of this tournament is that there will always be a new winner waiting to be crowned. Whatever new game can top God of War (2018) will take its place.