The Next Phase of Marvel: WandaVision


Evelyn Rude, staff writer

WandaVision has been causing a stir among marvel fans and many fans are wondering, what’s next for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


********SPOILER WARNING*******

After Avengers: Endgame, Wanda, known as the Scarlett Witch has lost the last person she had in her life. In previous movies, Wanda lost her parents, her brother, Quicksilver, and her lover, Vision. In the first episode, the time is set during the 1950s and the episode starts off with Wanda and Vision moving into their new house. As a newly wedded couple, we see Wanda and Vision meet new people such as their new nosy neighbor Agnes and an introduction to Vision’s coworkers. Since the episode is set in the 50s, everything is black and white. 

The humor and plot  are inspired by shows such as “I Love Lucy” and “Bewitched”, shows that aired during the 1950s. At first, it was not as interesting and if I did not have any knowledge of Marvel or know there are always hidden details, I would’ve just stopped watching after 15 minutes. Things started to pick up when Vision and Wanda have dinner with Vision’s boss and his wife. I realized the actress who played Vision’s boss’ wife was the same actress who played Kitty in “That 70s Show” so I was very excited about that. 

Up until episode six, each episode took place in a different decade. Episode one starting with the 50s, episode two with the 60s and so on. My favorite decade was the 70s because it was the first colored episode and that was when one of the characters, Geraldine, disappeared from the cast. Later on, it was revealed that Geraldine is Monica Rambeau and her mind was being controlled by Wanda. 

When it comes to Marvel, they know what they are doing with hiding easter eggs and clues. Everything ties together once the viewer keeps watching the show. I had to rewatch the episodes at least two times to figure out the hidden details. In each episode up to six again, there is a commercial that is based off from the decade the episode was set in. In episode 7,  all of the commercials tie in together to reveal how Wanda created the hex, the reality she created in order to create her show.

Alot of fans kept wondering if Wanda stole Vision’s dead body in order to create the hex, but it was later revealed that she used a part of the infinity stone within her to create him. There were alot of theories to this show and it was really mind blowing how everything came together in the end. One of the best moments was how Agnes was revealed to be Agatha Harkness. The strange and dark moments that occurred in Wanda’s reality was due to Harkness’ doing.

After Harkness was revealed in the show, I did my research and found out that she is the mentor for Wanda but they changed the story in the show. Originally in the comics, she was involved with Fantastic Four which was under Fox until Disney bought them. The musical number that introduced Harkness made me love her even more. 

When Wanda finally defeats Harkness in the last episode and Vision defeats Anti Vision, it was an exciting start for the next phase. Wanda takes down her dream bubble and flies off to somewhere unknown, and Anti Vision (the actual Vision who died but came back to life) is somewhere around the world contemplating on his existence. This also sets up for Wanda’s encounter with Doctor Strange and how he will teach her to control her powers and strengthen them. 

2021 is an exciting year for Marvel Fans because there will be multiple shows and movies that will be released every month or so. The next show in line after WandaVision will be The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which many are excited for because it’s a duo between Bucky and Sam, the close friends of the now retired Captain America.