Escape Room Review

Riccardo Talbot, staff writer

When six players are nominated for their ability to survive, they soon realize that there is more than money dollars at stake.


This movie begins near the end of the plot and works its way back to tell the story leading up to a specific moment. At first, this was a little confusing and hard to grasp, but it brings up more questions for the audience to answer.


The main characters each brought something special to the movie.


Actor Tyler Labine, known for his appearance in “Rise of the planet of the Apes”, plays Mike, a cheerful dad-like character in the movie.


Actress Taylor Russell, from the Netflix original Lost in Space”, plays Zoey, a reserved book worm who contributes her intelligence to the group.


Actor Jay Ellis, who started his career as a minor actor in the hit T.V. show iCarly, plays Jason, a firm believer in “survival of the fittest”.


If you are looking for a scary movie or a horror film, you won’t find it in this movie. Escape Room was very thrilling, but despite a few jump scares, it was far from scary. Not only was there a lot of action in this movie, but there was also a lot of comedy. Some jokes seemed forced and scripted whereas others flowed perfectly and fitted the scene and character.


After watching same thing; cap/italicize a lot of my questions were left unanswered, leading me to think there may be a sequel.


The movie’s release was delayed in Poland out of respect for the five teenagers who died in an escape room fire.


Additionally, the movie had a similar plot to popular movie “Saw”, but with a lot less blood and gore.


The special effects of this movie were spot on, as most the scenes required intricate details. Director Adam Robitel does a lot of things with the camera that changes your perception. In fact, the special effects were an integral part of the movie, and without them, it would’ve lacked a giant element of its success.


The end of the movie was disappointing and cliché, since a lot of my questions were left unanswered. I’m not a big fan of cliff hangers because when I pay to watch a movie, I expect to get a complete movie with few questions remaining. It felt like the producers of the movie were introducing new concepts in the conclusion of the movie, leading to even more unanswered questions.


Although the soundtrack doesn’t feature any new or popular songs I think it ties the movie together and builds suspense.