Pumpkin Recipes

Indira Khaitan, staff writer

Fall is now in full swing, and with Thanksgiving right on the horizon, there are so many pumpkin-related recipes and activities at your disposal. So, rather than throwing out your leftover Halloween pumpkins, you might want to consider keeping them to make some neat treats.


Tossing aside the typical pumpkin pie recipes, there are plenty of unique concoctions you can make out of pumpkins. Ranging from pumpkin seeds to pumpkin French toast, the options are endless. However, there are a few noteworthy recipes that have woven their way into people’s Thanksgiving and fall traditions, and are worthy of being given a go.


Roasted Seeds

Possibly the most underrated and easiest pumpkin recipe is roasted pumpkin seeds, according to junior Janhavi Satish. Roasting pumpkin seeds is quite popular among people, due to the fact that they are so simple and require minimal hassle.


“After Halloween, we like to roast the pumpkin seeds we saved from pumpkin carving and eat them by the fireplace on cold days. They make a great quick snack,” Satish said.


As far as traditions go, roasted pumpkin seeds seem to be at the top of the list according to students, second only to pumpkin pie, of course.


“My family usually roasts pumpkin seeds and then eats them. We aren’t really pumpkin people, though,” freshman Paris Andos said. Roasted pumpkin seeds are a simple snack and an alternative for those who don’t enjoy actual pumpkins.



Pumpkin bread is also a popular fall treat among students, and according to junior Savannah Novak, it is a staple fall food.


“I love pumpkin bread because not only is it tasty, but it also makes me happy,” Novak said. “When I eat it it’s fall, and fall is my favorite season,” she continued. Pumpkin bread is often associated with fall, so baking pumpkin bread might be worth giving a try.



Although it may seem a little odd, and is definitely one of the lesser known recipes, pumpkin ravioli is another possibility when it comes to fall food.


Grocery stores offer ravioli with pumpkin and squash, but there are easy recipes for those who enjoy cooking. You can even use the pumpkin filling as a simple pasta sauce.


These are just a few favorite pumpkin recipes among people, but of course there plenty of options, whether you’re looking for a quick snack, or a fall-themed meal.