Renaissance Festive Serves up Food, Crafts, Games, and Fun

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Renaissance Festive Serves up Food, Crafts, Games, and Fun

Camille Lewis, staff writer

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The Maryland Renaissance Festival is an event celebrating the arts and music of the era. Open nearly every weekend from August to October, there is ample opportunity for everyone to go visit. It’s located just outside of Annapolis, and although it’s a bit of a drive to get to, the trek is worth it. From sprawling tents and artisan booths, to groups of performers and actors in full fifteenth century garb, to booths overflowing with sweet smelling fair food like ‘’steak on a stake’’ or Canterbury pork pockets, there seems to be something for everyone here.



One of the main events is jousting, and it’s held in a real jousting arena with wooden spectator benches perfect for a cheering crowd. Men of all ages saddle up in full armor as they reenact one of the most famous competitions from the renaissance era. There is the traditional joust, as well as other variations like putting a lance through a small hoop while riding a galloping horse.

For those who like comedy and theatre, there are several actors and performers around the fairgrounds that give humorous speeches and act out silly skits. There are even performances of famous plays by Shakespeare, though usually with a comedic twist.



The festival offers many other activities as well, such as a wide selection of artisans and craftsman throughout the grounds. There is live glass blowing, jewelers, costume-makers and even several toy shops. Many go to the festival purely for the unique crafts and art pieces they can purchase there. There is also costumes to rent so you can join in on the festival fun. Although you’re encouraged to come in costume, most people come in their normal street clothes.



The food at the festival is a mix of more familiar fair food like barbecued ribs, corn dogs, and chocolate covered bananas, but they have an assortment of unique foods as well. They serve a surprising amount of food “on a stick”, including cheesecake, pies, and of course the aforementioned steak on a stake. The fair also offers a wide selection of foods from different regions including mexican, chinese, mediterranean, and english. There is also a wide selection of drinks offered at nearly every food stand in the fair. The best part is it isn’t exorbitantly priced, so you can enjoy several meals without breaking the bank.

The last day you can visit is Oct.  21, and it’s open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., rain or shine. Adult tickets are $26, but if you’re under 15, it’s only $11. The Renaissance Festival may be a little far away, but it’s wide selection of activities, foods, and experiences make it worth checking out.