Netflix Offers Choices for Those who Binge

Ricardo Talbot, staff writer

There is nothing like the thrill of staying up until 3:00 a.m. binging a new Netflix series.


 If you’re looking for shows packed with medical drama, sophomore Lameez Rajput recommends watching “The Good Doctor”. “The Good Doctor” is focused around the life of Shaun Murphy, a surgeon with Savant Syndrome, who works hard to prove that what makes him unique doesn’t make him less capable.


If magic and illusion interest you, Social Studies teacher Dominic Rutan recommends “Magic for Humans”. It brings magic and humor together and has an amazing wow factor with no camera tricks.


If you have a drama tooth, I would suggest watching “The 100”, a show that looks at an alternate reality where Earth has become uninhabitable due to a nuclear warfare. A spaceship called the Arc becomes the home to the last surviving humans, but after oxygen levels become too low to support life on the Arc, they send 100 teenage criminals to Earth to test whether the Earth is survivable. “On My Block” is an engaging show, which goes in depth on the lives of five teenagers and the struggles they are forced to face from gang affiliation to love interests in South Central LA. Lastly, “Anne with an E”, are imagined version of the classic book, Anne of Green Gables, is about an orphan in search of love, identity, and purpose. All three of these will leave you hungry for more and constantly wondering what will happen next.


Sometimes, the right comedy can make a crappy day great. Classic shows like “The Office”, “Parks and Recreation”, “The Good Place”, “Friends”, and “New Girl” are great if you’re in the mood for a good laugh.