Asian Culture Influencing the Media

Evelyn Rude, staff writer




Asian culture is spreading in Hollywood, music and fashion. The Asian culture is becoming a big influence in the United States

For a very long time, it was hard to see Asian representation in the entertainment and fashion industry. The only known Asian actors in Hollywood were Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. But as time progressed and diversity has become major element in today’s society, more and more Asians entered Hollywood and the entertainment business.


Crazy Rich Asians

The movie “Crazy Rich Asians” introduced what it was like to be a part of a wealthy Asian family in the business industry. The movie is about a Chinese American woman who discovers that her boyfriend is a part of the richest family in Singapore. The movie shows the crazy life of an extremely wealthy Asian family and the differences between upper class and middle class. Many Asians think that this movie represents Asian culture, but sometimes the message can be interpreted differently for others. Sometimes, movies can be unrealistic and give off the wrong ideas. Although “Crazy Rich Asians” had a full Asian cast and was placed in Asia, it was about a wealthy family. Not a regular middle class family or a lower class. People can get the wrong idea and assume that all Asians are rich. When really, many Asians work hard to make an income for their family from all classes. Working jobs as a nail salon beautician, a grocery store owner, a nurse, doctor, and so on. “I think that Crazy Rich Asians makes Asians look rich when we really aren’t. Not all of us are rich. It doesn’t promote actual Asian cultural representation,” sophomore Abby Ngo said. There are also some people who haven’t seen the full recognition of Asian success in the U.S. like sophomore Maia Ocampo. “I would like to see more representation of southern Asians in Hollywood. Honestly, I would like to see more people globally and of color besides Americans,” Ocampo said. By southern Asians, Ocampo is speaking of Indonesians, Filipinos, and Singaporeans.


Korean Culture

The Korean culture is another area of Asian influence that has exploded. Korean music and fashion hit America with a big impact. Different people of different races began to enjoy Korean pop.  Sophomore Young Chen said that he likes Kpop because it is popular, he likes Korean Idols, and the music is danceable. Seoul street fashion, a Korean fashion style mixed with nineties grunge and modern aesthetic fashion, entered stores like Forever 21, which was created by a Korean designer and stores like H&M. Makeup stores began selling more and more Asian Beauty like Korean face masks which can sometimes use snail mucin and give benefits to acne scarred skin.

“I like the culture, the clothes are cool, trendy, and ‘Young’,” Young Chen said.