‘Ready Player One’ Revitalizes the Mind

April 27, 2018

Based on the novel of the same name by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg, stuns the viewer with dazzling visual effects and a realistic yet dystopian plot line that satisfies readers and non-readers alike.

Set in the year 2045, with reality practically destroyed, young and old journey to the virtual realm of OASIS, a program designed by James Halliday (Mark Rylance) in order to escape the chaos of their everyday lives, and become who they want to be. After Halliday’s death, an Easter egg is revealed in OASIS that would allow the person who collects his three keys using a trail of clues based on his life, to inherit his fortune and control of the program.

The story follows the journey of Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), a young teen living in the slums of the fast-growing Ohio, five years after Halliday’s death. Watts is a gunter, or someone searching for the keys left by Halliday along with his friend AECH, though no one has made progress in the past years. He spends his time studying Halliday’s life in reality and OASIS, however, his luck changes when he finds himself winning the first challenge, putting a target on his back by individuals and companies alike who’d love Halliday’s fortune for themselves.

The characters in Ready Player One captivate the audience with relatability and visible development, particularly with Watts and Art3mis (Olivia Cooke). However, the relationship between the two protagonists seemed rather forced and crammed, which was likely due to trying to force a 400 page book into a two-hour movie. Nevertheless, their relationship was a bit unrealistic, and could have been portrayed better.

Another place this rush could be seen is the lack of time the characters spent in the real world, when they cut out portions of the novel. Large plot changes such as removal of characters, places, and the addition of other scenes would irritate most of the books fanatics, however, those who have not read the books will admire the fluidity of the film. Beyond the fast-paced nature of the film, the suspense built from these changes and unpredictability added a thrilling effect.

One of the most pleasing parts of the film is in the beautiful graphics in OASIS, and the exceptional visual effects. Movement and the kaleidoscope colors of the virtual reality portions were stunning and flawless, helping audiences identify with the desire to remain in that world.

The acting of James Halliday’s projections, however, was one of the most well-done pieces of the film. The awkward, nerdy, and antisocial form of the genius founder of the world’s most popular product created a spectacular, realistic performance.

Although the many alterations of the books plot may prevent die-hard readers from fully accepting the film, Steven Spielberg still successfully captured the feel of ’80s nostalgia and the need to escape reality in a film that everyone can enjoy. For this reason, the film earns four out of five stars.

Chick Fil A Leadership Presents the First Outdoor Movie at SB

The Chick Fil A Leadership Academy will be hosting an outdoor movie on Saturday, May 5, “Cinco De Mayo”, Spanish teacher Ms. Adrianna Rice adds, on the practice fields starting around 8 p.m. Tickets will be sold starting April 30 for $5 and at the door for $7. All proceeds will benefit both the Ryan Bartel Foundation and the We’re All Human Club. The movie of choice is The Greatest Showman.

The Chick Fil A Leadership Academy meets once every month before school and are required to coordinate what is called an impact project once during the school year. The members of Chick Fil A Leadership Academy chose to have their project be the outdoor movie, and they also chose the Ryan Bartel Foundation as the beneficiaries.

A survey was sent to the student body to vote on a movie to be shown. Ms. Adrianna Rice, activities coordinator and sponsor of the Chick Fil A Leadership Academy, says that she is working with a movie rental company in order to pull the event together.

The movie is open to everyone in the community, as flyers have been sent to middle and elementary schools.

The Chick Fil A Leadership Academy is teaming up with the We’re All Human Club who are potentially planning a symbolic walk around the track before the movie starts in order to bring awareness mental health and decrease the stigma that comes with it.

There will be Chick Fil A and popcorn served during the movie, and community members are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets for a night under the stars.

If the weather causes a cancellation, the reschedule date will be May 19.

“I hope to create a fun tradition everyone in the community can enjoy,” Ms. Rice said.

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