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Running Dog Productions Puts on: “The Addams Family”

Madison Norman, Staff Writer

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‘They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky-They’re altogether ooky, “The Addams Family!”

The spring musical this year will be “The Addams Family,” a story about a kooky and upside-down family in a classic “Victorian Gothic” style.

“The show has really good music and is more modern than many of the other musicals we’ve done in the past years,” senior William Helmrath said.

Helmrath will be playing Fester, who will be speaking to the audience to inform what is happening in the musical. Unlike the others he is optimistic and a hopeful romantic, with a high voice.

“I have loved ‘The Addams Family’ since I was a kid,” Drama teacher and Head of “Running Dog Productions,” Glen Hochkeppel said. “I love characters who are a little off and follow their own drummer–and that’s ‘The Addams Family’ in spades!”

The show will be performed on April 19-21 at 7pm in the auditorium.

“The show is full of exciting up-tempo numbers and about a million jokes–I just want our audience to have a blast with these bizarre characters,” Mr. Hochkeppel said.

The storyline takes place one night when Wednesday, the eldest daughter of “The Addams Family,” falls in love with a “normal” boy. When he invites the entire Addams Family to dinner, it puts the whole family into chaos. Junior Bethany Shears will be playing Wednesday.

“My favorite part about Wednesday is how brave she is, and how authentic her feelings are,” Shears said. “My favorite part about ‘The Addams Family’ is how all the characters are relatable people dealing with relevant issues, despite living in a weird world.”

Kyle Broderick and Karen Zipor will be creating the choreography for “The Addams Family” Musical.

“There really isn’t anything better than doing what you love on stage and with all of your friends,” senior Kyle Broderick said.

Broderick who has been in every Stone Bridge musical, will be playing the role of Gomez, the patriarch of “The Addams Family” who is super goofy, likes jokes, and puts his family above all else and will do anything to make them sad.

“[This show will have its viewers] realizing that weird people can be the best people, and that we’re all a little weird!” Mr. Hochkeppel said.

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Running Dog Productions Puts on: “The Addams Family”