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Squisito: The New Hot Spot

Molly Mica, Editor-In- Chief

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There so many pizza places in northern Virginia, one starts to be no different than the next. Squisito founders Mr. Gennaro DiMeo and Ms. Michele DiMeo, from Italy, came to the United States and started their franchise in Maryland in 1991. The 10th addition to the chain opened this past October in Ashburn Village, owned by Mr. Keith Baker.

Coming from New York, my parents and I know great Italian food when we taste it, and we experienced nothing less at Squisito. With authentic family recipes the DiMeo’s brought over from Italy, I was almost unable to tell the difference between their restaurant and Little Italy in Manhattan.

Between the family-friendly environment, class-A customer service, and authentic Italian food, our experience at Squisito was one for the books.


Walking in, the red checkered table clothes and the thematic Italian prints on the wall caught my eye. The uniquely non-sticky, menus were easy to read and understand, with every pasta and chicken dish you can imagine.We sat down in one of the cozy booths that line the walls of the restaurant and did not a have to wait long for our order.

Customer Service

We were greeted warmly when we walked in (probably the only part of the experience that was totally not New York), and when ordering at the counter, we were not rushed to select our drink or meal. After we sat down, our food came soon thereafter, with courses separated with the appropriate amount of time. Every detail of our order was carried out with patience, accuracy, and a smile. We were checked in on a few times, not enough to be annoying, but not too few as to leave us needing things, and the staff did everything they could to make us comfortable on the busy weeknight.


Each member of my family of three ordered a different salad and entree (each meticulously tweaked to our liking). Regardless of the fact that we wanted the meal to last longer, we could not help but devour our dinner. Lastly, we of course could not leave without dessert, each of us ordering something different: a chocolate mousse cake for Dad, a cannoli for Mom, and a slice of cheesecake for me.

Needless to say, we left our compliments to the talented chef and the dedicated staff.

Personal Experience

Going to Squisito on a weeknight, my parents and I expected to be dining in a very quiet environment, when in fact we were presented the opposite- Squisito was packed. My dad’s coworker came in, followed by a nurse I work with at the hospital, and finally followed by our parish priests. Now, I am not trying to convince you of anything, but for two week old Squisito to be so crowded on a weeknight, I would say that is the sign of a great restaurant.

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Squisito: The New Hot Spot