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Starting off as a book and making its way to the top, Stephen King’s, “It,” continues to amaze his audience.

Stephen King’s original movie “It” came out in 1990 and quickly became a cult classic.

King’s story of seven young kids who must fight against a demonic clown, then return home as adults to deal with the horrifying Pennywise, is something quite fascinating.

In the 1990 film, the scenes flip-flop from the characters being young to being adults. In the new 2017 film, the set is focused entirely on the childhood events.

If I’m being completely honest, I was a bit worried when it came to the new version. But I am happy to say that I loved the film and plan on watching it again.

The movie creates a great mix of the returning emotions that were received by the original movie as well as jaw droppers. But even with some of the different situations, the director, Andy Muschietti, does a tremendous job of bringing home the familiarity.

The story takes place in 1989 in the town of Derry, Maine with the setting starting off with rainy, dull, dark skies.

Although the main characters are only innocent teenagers trying to make the best of their summer, the world they live in is full of hopelessness fighting against them.

Together, they battle severe bullying and sexual abuse. From their parents, it can differ between verbal abuse to neglect.

While the movie is rated R for horror and other reasons, I thought the movie was more of a thriller. The violence and the language are definitely something that stands out.

Humor plays a huge roll in the movie. As a matter of fact, laughter is what filled the cinema. Due to the cast members being so young, the way they speak brings a bubble joy in the pit of your stomach. Plus, it didn’t help that they continued to call themselves the “Losers Club.”

The way the characters come together is great automatically, but the bond they create is even better. They learn to become selfless and build a family relationship.

The action that stirs up the plot, as well as the opening of the movie, is the disappearance of Georgie Denbrough, played by Jackson Robert Scott.

Georgie is not only a small boy who vanishes, but is also the brother of one of the seven group members.

The poor boy is killed graphically, down in a sewer drain in the first 10 minutes after meeting the famously known, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, played by Bill Skarsgård.

If only pure Georgie hadn’t stopped to talk to some clown living in the sewer…. Shame.

He was only wanting to get his precise paper boat back! Why Penny?! Why?!

My all time favorite scene would have to be from the ending. SPOILER ALERT!!

When Pennywise had got to Bill Denbrough, played by Jaeden Lieberher, he had given the group a choice. It was huge because I was questioning how they were going to handle the situation but it put a big smile on my face to the response from Richie Tozier, played by Finn Wolfhard.

It was an amazing scene. It proved that no matter what they go through, they will always have each others backs. They learned to become selfless and create a relationship their families could never offer.

For those who saw the movie know the it ends with the phrase “Chapter One.” And for those who stuck around after the credits are greeted by a giggle from Pennywise. Which only means one thing, there will be a sequel.

Fortunately for us, Muschietti has released exclusive details about the next movie.

Chapter Two will be set in the present day of the group as grown-ups. They will be reunited by their blood-oath to fight Pennywise once again.

Muschietti also says that the second film will still have the younger characters. Almost like the original, the kids turn up as memories of the adult versions of the Losers Club.

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