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When The Game Stands Tall, We All Stand Tall

Alexa N., Staff Writer

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Tensions rise in the small town of Concord, California as the De La Salle Spartans high school football team prepare for the game that could make or break them.



Based on a true story, the dramatic and heartfelt movie, “When the Game Stands Tall”, takes audiences on the incredible journey of the De la Salle Spartans high school football team. Directed by Thomas Carter and Thomas Carter II, “When the Game Stands Tall” teaches so many life lessons for the football team and people in general as well.

For 12 years, Coach Bob Ladouceur, also known as Coach Lad, has led the Spartans in a 151 game winning streak. After suffering from a sudden illness, Coach Lad is no longer able to coach his team for a short period of time. During this time, the Spartans lose their first game, ending their winning streak.

Coach Lad steps back in to his coaching position after being cleared by the doctor. Even with Lad back at the helm, the team experiences more losses, not just of games, but in players as well. Throughout these hard times, Coach Lad keeps his head held high and teaches his team that although it may be tough to lose, but what’s important is how they work their way back up.



Two of the main characters are Coach Ladouceur, (Jim Caviezel) and Chris Ryan (Alexander Ludwig).  Caviezel was amazing as the wise, supportive coach throughout the whole movie. He really proved to be the inspirational, strong-willed character that this part called for.

Ludwig known for playing Cato in “The Hunger Games, He did an incredible job at playing and really becoming one of the football stars on the team of the De La Salle Spartans, despite never having played the sport before.


Best Scenes

Throughout the movie, there were so many incredible scenes. One of the best scenes was when Coach Lad took all of his players to a rehabilitation center for guys who had just come out of the military. The players saw how much you really can lose and that you should never give up. It didn’t just teach the football players in the movie a lesson, but also showed the audience the courage and support it takes to get back up on your feet after losing so much and that you can lose so much more in life than just a football game.

There were several heart felt, emotionally changing scenes in this movie. After losing one of their most valued teammates, the team learns so much about the topic of loss. The authentic performances and poignant script added to the emotional nature of the scene.


Overall Impression

Overall, the movie was truly inspirational. It had so many life lessons that everyone should learn; namely, “it’s not how hard you fall, it’s how you get back up”. It’s not about losing, but making the most of after the fact. The movie is sure to be a hit with football fans and anyone who wants to learn a valuable lesson about life.

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When The Game Stands Tall, We All Stand Tall