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Annual ethics day upcoming for seniors

Molly Mica, Opinions Editor

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What is Senior Ethics Day?

Senior Ethics Day this year is on March 9 at The National Conference Center. It is a special opportunity specifically for Stone Bridge students, when all seniors leave campus for the day. They are divided into separate rooms in small groups, where they are presented with three different ethical scenarios. Students work together to make decisions based on these situations. Faculty, administration, and even outside participants take part in the day, in order to give helpful advice to the student participants.

“It’s something Stone Bridge has designed and pulled together specifically for our seniors, Principal Matt Wilburn said, “I’ve been multiple times and it is a very unique and special experience.”

How do I attend?

This day is exclusively for seniors. In order for a senior to attend, they simply have a parent sign a permission form for the day to excuse them from regular school attendance, and turn it in to the School Counseling office by March 1. There is also a video on the school counseling page for parents and students to view in order to prepare for Ethics Day.

“I hope they get a sense that they are part of a greater community of adults that’s making decisions,” Career Center Advisor Heather Jolly said, “and that they enjoy having time reflecting on something important that’s totally different than school and academics.”

How is it Beneficial?

Most teachers really encourage the 12th graders to take part in Senior Ethics Day. It teaches collaboration skills, leadership skills, and decision-making skills. All of these things are crucial to a young adult entering college and/or the work force after high school. Mr. Wilburn says Senior Ethics Day is always very successful and he is excited for the class of 2017 to experience it.

“It presents very real situations that may unfortunately (or fortunately) happen to students in the real world, especially in college,” Mr. Wilburn said, “It causes them to think from multiple angles on a subject.”


The student news site of Stone Bridge High School
Annual ethics day upcoming for seniors