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Hallway 800 is filled with exceptionally talented artists, musicians, and entertainers. Students such as sophomore Paravi Das, senior Alora Scofield, and senior Patricia Bonner are familiar faces that roam the hall.

Das is recognized for her creativity and hard work when it comes to drawing and singing.

“She’s good at everything like many of my students, but she seems to be able to focus intensely on the projects in hand,” art teacher Brian Kirk said.

Das artwork is based on leaving a message for people and hopefully impacting their life.

“I want to make pieces that inspire others, so basically the idea that I can affect someone’s life with my work inspires me,” Das said.

Art isn’t only a hobby for Das, but an outlet for when things get stressful and overwhelming.

“It’s therapeutic, so it makes me feel like I’m free and I can do whatever I want without reins and worrying about what others think,” Das said.

In art there is no right or wrong, something Das admires about it.

“There are explanations for every piece. It is all considered art, so no matter what you do or draw, you are constantly creating,” Das said.

Since she was 2 years old, Das has been pursuing drawing, and at age 4 she entered her first art contest. Although she loves drawing, it’s not something she sees as a career, but more of a hobby. Her real passion is singing.

“It was an instant thing for me, I knew it was my passion,” Das said.

Inspired by her older brother who is currently in a band called, “Dreamer and Son,” Das wants to pursue singing as a career.

“When I see my brother living his dream, it motivates me to want to follow my dreams as a singer…I may not want to pursue art as a career now, but I will definitely keep developing my skills as an artist throughout my life, my opinion may change as life goes on,” Das said.

Scofield is recognized for her hard work and dedication towards the drama department.

“She’s always working incredibly hard, and such a strong vocalist,” drama teacher Glen Hochkeppel said.

Since she was little, Scofield has been singing, and acting. Her first debut was in the play 101 Dalmatians in third grade.

“I’ve always loved being on stage and bringing a story to life, so that’s what made me want to pursue it,” Scofield said.

One thing she loves about theatre is the way it explains life and connects with the audience.

“Comedic shows bring such a positive energy to problems that people can relate with, and serious shows can show the uncomfortable things that people don’t always confront,” Scofield said.

No matter how badly or stressful Scofield’s day is going, she always finds a new burst of energy when on stage.

“Becoming other people and communicating those messages really just makes me feel more alive than anything else does,” Scofield said.

Acting is for sure something Scofield see’s in her future after high school.

“I’m actually working on my auditions for musical theatre programs in college,” Scofield said.

To Scofield, the drama department is a big part of her life, and she’s extremely honored to be recommended as an outstanding student from Mr. Hochkeppel.

“It’s so important to me and it means so much to be recognized as a part of it,” she said.

Keep a lookout for Scofield, we may be seeing her on the big screens one day!

Bonner, who will be attending the London band trip in December, is recognized for her all around great personality, and saxophone skills.

“She is a great musician, but also an outstanding student in terms of character,” band director David Keller said.

Like her mom and grandmother, Bonner found a love for playing music.

“I was inspired by my mom and grandmother, I ended up really liking it and just kept going on with it,” Bonner said.

Bonner doesn’t see playing the saxophone as a career, but will always keep it up as a hobby.


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