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Blue, Silver, White…Fight,Fight,Fight!

Ricky Rocha, Staff Writer

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With the football season wrapping up so does the cheer season. The four-time state champions had their competitive season cut short. They made it to the regional finals and came in 5th with a score that didn’t qualify them. For most other schools that would be good enough, but not for the very competitive Stone Bridge. The only thing they can do now is learn from their mistakes and move on.

Although the Stone Bridge cheer team will always be a tough opponent for other schools, they might find next season difficult. Eight of the cheerleaders this season are seniors and will be leaving the program. Even though the seniors are leaving, it if hard every year for the cheer team to live up to what they once were. Winning the four state titles in four years is always going to be challenging to repeat.

Sometimes change is good. With the seniors leaving it gives space for new underclassmen to come in and give something new to the program. The 14 members will be joined by a few more people from the JV team. This change could help them do something they haven’t done in 10 years, win the state title.

Having that many seniors can be a good thing as well. Having seniors helps out competitively and also with the “cheerleading” part of their jobs. The student section at each and every football game seemed to always be on their feet and cheering. You cannot cheer without cheerleaders, and they did a great job of getting the crowd going.

It was also the last season for senior Caitlyn Pignetti. Pignetti had been on the team for four year and became one of the captains.

“Freshman year, because we won all the competitions and were state runner-ups,” Pignetti said when asked what her best year was.

Competition isn’t the only part of high school cheer. Getting the crowd going at the football games is also a big part of cheer.

When asked what her favorite cheer was,

“Either SB Pump It Up or Blue, Silver, White, because we start and end the game with it,” Pignetti said.

Even though it wasn’t the best season competitively, for Stone Bridge standards, we are always looking forward to next season. We can improve on the things that need work and continue the hyping up the student section under the friday night lights.

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Blue, Silver, White…Fight,Fight,Fight!