New Indoor Soccer League Love

Ricky Rocha, staff writer

As the popularity in soccer increases in America, so does the number of people playing in high school. Here at Stone Bridge more students are trying out for the team than ever before. This year coach Muoka Musau decided to have an indoor team for the pre-season.

“It’s an easier way to see all the players,” Musau said.

Since soccer is a very tactical and team-oriented sport, it is hard for coaches to see how good players actually are. With the amount of players trying out it is also difficult, this is the reason for an indoor team during the preaon.

“There is going to be a varsity and JV team with about 12 to 14 players on each,” Musau said.

The indoor leagues at the Michael & Son Sportsplex have rules that the teams have to follow. On the field there can only be six players, so having 14 on each team would be essential for the teams.

There are two seasons that, one from Dec. 2 – Jan. 20 and one from Jan. 27 – March 17. The teams will be playing in the first season as the second season would overlap with their regular high school season.

“Yeah I’m excited for this, it will be a good way to know who’s going to generally be on the team,” Senior Adam Bekhet said.

This will be Bekhet’s second season with the varsity team. He also has two years of JV under his belt. As with most players, he thinks it’s a good experience because it is an opportunity to play with the team and see who should be on the team.

The team will be competing against other high schools, with the intention of  scouting them for the regular season.

Tryouts for the spring team will be held Feb. 19 2018, the Bulldogs are looking to beat last year’s record of 6-2-4.