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DC Sports Starting to Succeed

Juliana Ciavarro, Sports Editor

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D.C. sports are on the rise as playoffs continue throughout the month.

With both Washington teams, The Capitals and The Wizards, advancing into the second round, expectations are high for these teams to pull through and win.

The Capitals are in the middle of Round Two against the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are currently winning the round 3-2.

Capital fans and players continue to stay optimistic as they went on to beat the Penguins in a thrilling overtime performance, 3-2.

Last year the Capitals lost in Round 2 to the Penguins 4-2, so they are coming back with a chip on their shoulders.

According to an interview with ESPN, the goalie on the Capitals, Braden Holtby said “This series is ours, we have to play tough and not blow the next game.”

With a huge win over the Penguins Satuday night, the Capital fans are feeling optimistic about the outcome of the series.

“I watched the Capitals all last year and it was frustrating to see them lose so early in the playoffs, but this year I feel like they could really win the Stanley Cup,” said junior Alexander Bradley.

Along with the Capitals advancing to the second round of playoffs, so did the Wizards as they won the series against Atlanta.

John Wall is the main force behind the team excelling into the second round.

With the Wizards tying the series 2-2 on Sunday night agsinst the Celtics, they travel to Boston to play the fifth game on the road.

In a thrilling series, many players bring the intensity to the court. Wall in the 3rd game had 42 points and Isiah Thomas on the Celtics with 59.

In an interview conducted by ESPN, Wall stated that he was going to do everything he needs to do to win the series and eventually get the NCAA title.

Along with exciting futures for both the Caps and the Wizards, the Washington Redskins look forward to start their training season with many new faces.

“I am looking forward to see what Allen and Perine bring to the table. It is time for the Redksins to be great again and make it to the Super Bowl,” senior Matthew Flaherty said.

As they let go of many former players such as Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson, they also got new    fresh players such as hometown hero, Jonathon Allen, and Samaje Perine who broke the rushing yard record in his college career.

With the start of a new season for the Redskins and the end coming soon for The Wizards and Capitals, all the Washington teams are looking strong for the seasons to come.


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DC Sports Starting to Succeed