Why Real Christmas Trees Are Better

Holland Quinn, Staff Writer

Did you know that Christmas trees were first introduced in Germany in the 16th century? Greenery was used not only to decorate houses, but also to help ward away witches, spirits, ghosts, and illnesses.

Why would you buy a fake plastic tree when you could have a real live tree sitting in your living room? There is a divide about whether or not real Christmas trees are better than fake Christmas trees, but I think that real Christmas trees are much better because they add a spark of life inside contrasting the cold, dead outdoors, additionally, searching for a tree is often a staple in family traditions.

The smell of a real Christmas tree is often associated with the smell of the holidays and Christmas. That Christmas tree smell embodies the holidays for many people. According to scientists at Kyoto University, the smell of pine needles has been proven to help battle stress, anxiety, and depression. Did you know that stores sell a fake evergreen or pine smell to spray on fake trees? The smell of a real tree aids in creating that joyous Christmas atmosphere. The look of a real Christmas tree is something you can’t beat, especially with the real sharp needles instead of the fake needles that decorate an artificial Christmas tree. You have to get out there and search for the ideal Christmas tree, not drive to a store.

Searching for the perfect Christmas tree is part of many people’s holiday traditions. They go out with the entire family and hunt for what they would consider as the perfect tree. Keeping the same holiday traditions can often be very important to families. It creates consistency that many people look forward to each year. Additionally, with real trees, families have the ability to choose a tree that they truly like instead of having to settle with the same tree year after year.

Real Christmas trees also help the environment. While it might take 8-12 years to grow a decently sized tree, the trees are helping slow climate change. While the trees grow, they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping to clean the air. You can also recycle your Christmas when the holidays are over by having it picked up by your town or burning it in the fireplace and filling your home with a lovely evergreen smell. Real Christmas trees bring that festive feel to the dreary winter months, where fake trees just contribute to the dull feeling in the winter. Get a real tree this Christmas and keep the holidays happy!