Why Fake Christmas Trees Are Better


Alice Vaughan, Staff Writer


As Christmas gets closer and closer, many face the difficult decision of whether to use a fake or a real Christmas tree.

The right decision is clear: fake trees.

They’re also more practical for people who like to travel or live overseas. Real Christmas trees are a commodity unique to colder climates. A real tree can only be purchased in very specific places, whereas a fake tree can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Having a fake Christmas tree is much simpler than having a real tree. They’re less stress. The amount of time and money people spend on real trees is ridiculous.

“No maintenance, no clean, no mess,” junior Lauren Petranek said.

Throughout the year, we often forget how expensive real trees cost. According to Market Watch, the average evergreen cost $78 last year.

The average American lives until it is about 79 years old. That gives you about 60 years of being an adult and theoretically paying for your own Christmas tree. Ignoring inflation, that would be about $4,680 in Christmas trees.

You could purchase a fake Christmas tree for only about $130 and use it every year. Fake trees are obviously more economically practical.

“Real trees just require too much work,” sophomore Sean Lim said.

The Christmas tree market also results in millions of trees being cut down every holiday season. It’s bad for the environment and it makes your life more difficult.

This Christmas, make the right choice. Get a fake  tree.