Newspaper Reviews Hot Chocolate

Evelyn Rude, Online Editor

The weather is officially cold now, and that means hot chocolate season back. The newspaper staff reviewed the best hot chocolates so you can enjoy hot chocolate at its finest.

Ratings were based on richness, sweetness, and consistency. The score was one to five, five being perfect. The team brought five different brands of hot chocolate.

Starting with the classic Swiss Miss, a box of eight costs $3. No one can go wrong with this classical powdery drink. The drink had the right amount of consistency if you follow the directions and put in 8 oz of hot water. Give it a minute or two when stirring, and then drink it. The staff gave Swiss Miss a 5 out of 5. Richness was 5, sweetness was 5, and consistency was 5.

“I’ve always had Swiss Miss when I was younger, so I was expecting a sweet rich flavor,” staff writer Garrett Johnson said. “Personally, I believe it’s the best brand of hot chocolate.”

The next brand was Hershey, and for a box of six it costs $3. Hershey is the most famous chocolate brand in the world. The rating for Hershey was 4.5 out of 5. Richness being 5, sweetness being 5, and consistency being 3.5. The taste was exactly what you would expect, Hershey chocolate.

“Hershey’s hot chocolate is pretty iconic in my opinion,” staff writer Sarah Eid said. “It’s one of the very few hot chocolates that I enjoy, and I’m a picky person when it comes to hot beverages, so that says a lot.”

Ghiradelli is a luxury chocolate brand. Their hot chocolate for one single pack costs $3. There were five packs, and the total was $15. The hot chocolate flavor was peppermint, but it was underwhelming for some people. Some reviewers did not mix it enough, and only one person mixed it right. Gihradellis rating was 4.2 out of 5. Richness was 4, sweetness was 5, and consistency was 3.5.

“If you don’t like peppermint, I wouldn’t recommend it,” staff writer Anna Ortiz said. “But I liked the flavor of it.”

Giant brand was the only hot chocolate that were Keurig cups. For a pack of 12 the box costs $5. The K-cups were not good at all. Everyone agreed that it was too watered down and tasted like sugar. The rating for it was 3 out of 5. Richness was 3, Sweetness was 3, and consistency was 3.

“It tastes like it was diluted with water and sugar,” sports editor Kashish Khanna. “It was not rich at all.”

The final brand was a dark chocolate variant of Swiss Miss. The price of a pack of eight was $2. It was less sweet and more chocolatey compared to regular Swiss Miss. The rating for the dark chocolate hot chocolate was 4 out of 5. Richness was 4, sweetness was 5, and consistency was 3.

“It was a little grainy but it was the most unique hot chocolate I tried,” opinions editor Sean Sorek said.

Overall, regular Swiss Miss had the highest score. It had marshmallows and was perfect in everything even though the staff used hot water instead of milk.