Beauty Limiting Self Expression

Nusaiba Mahmud, staff writer

Beauty Limiting Self Expression


Whether it be in the Manhattan streets of New York City, or the hallways of SBHS, fashion and beauty are used to express creativity.

Since the beginning of time, women have been expected to dress according to their body types, skin tones, hair color, and almost everything about themselves.

Society has engraved the idea of categorizing  so deep in our head, that even women’s bodies are being categorized as objects.

In today’s world, fashion has written rules for women shaped like pears, hourglass, apples, and even a banana.

“It sets certain standards in the society and people think only certain body shapes are ideal,” sophomore Hyeyun Jeong said, “This can often lead to eating disorders as well as a deteriorating mental health.”

These rules dictate what someone with broaders hips or a tinier waist should wear, rather than letting them decide on their own.

Such rules can lead to a low self esteem and the idea of thinking that, “I am not good enough,” or, “I’m too fat.”

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAND), at least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the United States and this leads to one death every 62 seconds.

Recently, on the internet there have been many videos and people that are speaking against these so called “rules” of fashion and how they limit self expression and have negative consequences.

Not only has this been a problem in the fashion industry, but also the beauty industry.

Ever since the beginning of time, beauty has been associated with femininity. Of course, makeup was invented to enhance your naturally beautiful features, but was always had obscure rules tied to them as well.

“It honestly sucks that these rules exist,” sophomore Samantha Ledezma said, “I believe people should be able to express themselves whatever way they want.”

One such rule being that long hair is considered prettier and more feminine, where short hair is boyish and not as desirable. People shouldn’t have to think like that and they could just choose what hairstyle they like and makes them feel comfortable.

“It sets a stereotypical image,” Jeong said. “It’s not right how length of hair should determine how feminine or masculine you are.”

Another beauty idea that is ridiculous is related to grey hair. Grey hair is considered bad for women, however, when men decide to go grey they are considered as silver foxes.

“I think both men and women are considered older when they have whiter hair,” sophomore Hailey Boyd said. “But, the nickname (silver fox) for men makes it more acceptable for them to have white hair.”

Lastly, one of the biggest event in the makeup community that has led to many different reactions are: boys in makeup.

James Charles, Mario Dedivanovic, Patrick Star, Jeffree Star are just some of the biggest names of guys in the beauty community.

Although their love for makeup is not harming anyone, some people seem to have very strong opinions on why boys can not enjoy makeup.

However, just like all topics in the world, there is also a supportive side to all the beauty boys.

“When I first saw boys wearing makeup on YouTube, I was confused,” sophomore Mishal Hussain said, “As I got used to watching them, I understand that they inspire millions of boys and girls to be themselves.”

I think people should not judge others based on what they wear or how they choose to makeup. It is 2019, and people should become more accepting to the idea that everyone can look like whatever makes them happy. Although I don’t think the fashion or beauty community will change their rules anytime soon, people can always choose to ignore them and wear whatever they please.