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‘Dogs’ Help Veterans: Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy and Puppy Pals Partnership

Madison Norman, Staff Writer

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Dogs are almost irresistible, especially young and adorable eight-week-old puppies. Some become much more than friends, as their purpose is much greater than that. They will train to become helpful service dogs for veterans.

The non-profit organization that helps raise and train these puppies for veterans is Veterans Moving Forward.

“It is very impactful to see the gratitude of the veterans who receive the dogs and the difference it makes in their lives,” Puppy Pals Sponsor Linda Reeves said.

Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy worked with Puppy Pals of Stone Bridge during this holiday season to collect donations for Veterans Moving Forward.

“Veterans Moving Forward is completely dedicated to their cause…They only have a few paid employees and the rest are volunteers, so the people at the organization really care about what they’re doing,” senior and historian for Puppy Pals, Emily Rounsley, said.

Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy is a program in high schools that focuses on helping the community by impact through action.

Each year, Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy does a Do-Good December project, helping an organization or a community by donating, volunteering, or other impacting actions. This year they chose to work with Puppy Pals.

Puppy Pals is a club at Stone Bridge that focusses on the Mission of Paws4People, also utilizing the powers of canine companionship.

Each year Puppy Pals has Puppy Pictures. This year if a student gave $1 they received a picture with two current service dogs. The money earned from this will also go toward Veterans Moving Forward.

“I hope that we can raise a good amount of money for them so that we can help them pay for raising their dogs and that we can raise awareness for the organization,” Rounsley said in anticipation for Puppy Pictures.

Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy wanted to work with Veterans Moving Forward because it is an organization that helps both animals and people. This is also the first year the Puppy Pals is working with Veterans Moving Forward.

“Because they are local, there will be plenty of opportunities for us to be directly involved. They …welcome our ability to not only raise funds, but to spread awareness of the organization and all that they do,” Mrs. Reeves said.

Both programs hoped to gain donations from the school by advertising with a commercial and posters.

From the money earned by the pictures to the list of items on the Veterans Moving Forward wish list for the service dogs, the donations were taken from Nov. 17 to Dec. 7 and were given to the organization on the day of the ceremony.

“It was really cool to see the bond between veterans and their new service dogs. It really showed how much of a difference the dogs can make,” Rounsley said.

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‘Dogs’ Help Veterans: Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy and Puppy Pals Partnership