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Students Vote for the Upcoming School Year

Brennah Lee, Staff Writer

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On Apr. 26, all four classes of students voted for next year’s new SCA and Student Officer Positions. Now, the results are in, and it appears that the next school year will focus on student input, and maintaining a strong community.


“We need to focus on communicating with each other. Last year, a lot of students didn’t know the dates of events or what the spirit days were, and I want to change that,” Kate Harwood said.


The different classes also hope to grow as a group, by making the year memorable, fun, energetic, and unified.


“I think next year we should focus on school spirit. A lot of other schools and consider us lacking in comparison to them in that regard, especially at events for sports and other activities,” Malika Shaik said.


For the SCA positions, Sharmita Maulik was elected President, Kate Harwood as the VP of Public Relations, Emma Guido as VP of Finance, Maggie McGarrity as VP of Governance, and Jackie McKeon as the VP of School Spirit & Activities.


“I want our school to focus on being a community. I want to have more class versus class competitions, and I also want to create a suggestion box or a comments email so I can hear your ideas,” Sharmita Maulik said in her officer speech.


Many of the other elected SCA officers shared this sentiment, agreeing that the students should be more involved in class decisions, suggesting things like a Google Docs suggestions submission form, comment boxes, and autonomous messaging systems.


“I want to make sure Stone Bridge benefits from its fundraising efforts,” Emma Guido said in her officer speech.


Another concern that the SCA officers felt needed to be addressed was communication and organization, keeping the students informed and cognizant of current events.


“I want to expand our social media presence, collaborate more with the school clubs, and work more with parents, teachers, and admin,” Harwood said.


For the upcoming senior class, Tanay Bapat was elected as President for his third consecutive year, Eric Wan as the Vice President, Kevin Choo as Secretary, Scott Lung as Treasurer, and Matthew Bulk as the Historian.


“I want to keep the momentum going, and end our senior year strong,” Bapat said in his officer speech.


The rising juniors chosen want to make the year memorable and leave a lasting impact on the school as one of the best classes to graduate.


The current sophomores have chosen Noelle Foster as their President, Helen Boyles as their Vice President, Noelle Lee as their Secretary, Alice Lin as treasurer, and Cynthia Liang as their Historian for their junior year.


“I want to make next year’s prom and homecoming to be the best they can be,” Cynthia Liang said in her officer speech.


The sophomore officers seem to be focused on making sure their class enjoys all the perks of being upperclassmen, often mentioning prom and other privileges reserved for the upper two grades.


Finally, for the class of 2020, the freshman have chosen Kavin Bapat as their President, Malika Shaik as their Vice President, Aili Hou as their Secretary, and Lauren Jachimowski as their Treasurer, with the Historian position vacant.


“We need to keep our class organized and on track,” Aili Hou said in her class officer speech, “I want to hear your ideas and suggestions.”


Now that they’ve survived the first year at high school and now that they have settled in, the upcoming sophomores seem to want to start getting a handle and incorporating some elements that have worked this year such as their homecoming stairwell, and start changing things that didn’t work as well.


“Bringing students together is important to me and the school,” Jackie McKeon said in her SCA speech.


The lower classes do not really get as many specialized or exclusive events for themselves, and that may change in the next school year.


“I’d like to try creating special for just the freshman and sophomores, something that will get them more excited,” Shaik said.


As this year comes to a close, it appears that next year will just be another opportunity for each class to leave a lasting impact on the school. The SCA and class officers seem determined to get there, whether that means making the current hits and activities even better, or starting something new altogether.


“It’s time to promote school spirit,” Maggie McGarrity said in her SCA speech.

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Students Vote for the Upcoming School Year