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AP Exam Week Draws Near

Juliana Ciavarro, Sports Editor

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As the school year comes to the final quarter, teachers prepare their students for the AP exams.

The exams start the first week of May and continue throughout the month.

“I hope I do well because I have been doing so much review and work to get the grade I need, I take mine on May 10th and I’m a little nervous,” junior Taylor Petrakis said.

Along with the stress of all other classes, AP exams sure do not help to make upperclassmen’s life even harder for the final month of the school year.

Luckily, this year, snow days were not an issue like in past years and students and teachers alike feel prepared about the upcoming exams.

Many students dread the thought of taking a huge exam on material that they struggle with.

“I encourage kids to take the exam no matter their grade in the class because even if they struggle, if they have been trying, working hard, and taking notes in the class, they may do better than they think,” director of guidance Tim Lucas said.

AP Exams are a main source of stress for students because many feel like if they do poorly that they will not make it into the colleges they want.

“I know I am stressed because if I do bad then all the work I did over the course of the year was for nothing,” Petrakis said.

For seniors, many of their AP exams are the final stress factor as they leave their high school days behind them and move on to the next chapter of their lives.

“I only have one AP exam but I’m still worried about it, I do not want it to affect my mood for the last couple months of high school,” senior Maddie Heiston said.

With the removal of midterms, AP exams may seem more intimidating than they have in past years.

“You know, even without midterms, scores have still been the same. The midterm did not really seem to have a huge impact on the decrease in scores,” Mr. Lucas said.

With any AP exam comes preparation, most teachers hand out packets to review or spend the previous weeks going over mainly what will be on the tests.

“There is a certain curriculum that teachers are instructed to teach in the weeks leading up to the exams, along with programs given to the teachers to help them guide students to success,” Mr. Lucas said.

The fear of AP exams is something that brings on an immense amount of stress to senior and junior students, but many teachers encourage students to be calm, confident and collected going in.

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AP Exam Week Draws Near