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Making memories with BUDS

Cecilia Gagliano, Features Editor

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BUDS, which stands for Bulldogs Understanding Differences in Students, is a club focused on making time for kids with all abilities by socializing and taking part in a various amount of activities.

Held every Friday at 8:15 for 45 minutes, the club organizes games and events for all the students to participate in.

“A teenager getting up an extra hour in the morning is something really special,” Special Education Dean David Lind said.

Students either spend time in the classroom making crafts and greeting cards, which were sold outside of the cafeteria for Valentine’s day, or they spend time in the gym playing games.

“The gym allows people to get their energy out, but the classroom is more intimate to where they get to talk to each other,” Mr. Lind said.

Games such as kickball, Jenga, cards, Uno, and much more are played allowing special needs students to start their day off right.

Throughout the state and country, there are many social groups just like BUDS that offer these students the chance to socialize and spend time with their fellow classmates.

“Seeing everyone happy and having fun just made the experience so great,” junior Holly Gibson said.

Unfortunately, some are not able to take regular classes and have to take special needs classes throughout the day, so an option like BUDS is really special to them and gets them excited.

“It’s nice for them to meet regular kids and get the opportunity, because they have great personalities and they are good friends,” Lind said.

Having a club like BUDS brings out the compassion and caring nature of students, and brightens the day of all the kids who part take in something so important.



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Making memories with BUDS