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A Will to Survive assembly imminent

Jordyn Fantasia, Features Editor

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Stone Bridge has been making many efforts recently to assure the presence of support and care for students. Amongst these efforts is the presentation of an assembly, ‘A Will to Survive’, happening on March 28.

This assembly was first presented at Woodgrove High School last year, and is a ‘rock opera’ dealing with suicide prevention, mental health awareness, and giving students a message of hope.

Created through the Ryan Bartel Foundation, ‘A Will to Survive’ is intended to send a positive message to encourage students to be helpful and supportive of others in need.

Depending on if the assembly’s content changes yearly, Principal Matt Wilburn may decide to bring back the presentation annually.

In addition to a new presentation, Stone Bridge is forming a new ‘We’re all Human’ Club, also in partnership with the Ryan Bartel Foundation. This club has already started at 6 schools within the county, and is a student led group in conjunction with Stone Bridge’s PBIS and PEER initiatives.

“We’re incorporating at a nationally recognized program called Sources of Strength, which empowers students and gives them support mechanisms,” Principal Wilburn said. “We’re looking at the ‘We’re All Human’ club as being the platform for implementing Sources of Strength.”

The club is intended to keep any student from feeling alone, and teach understanding, acceptance, and how to receive or provide help.

“We really want to build a sense of community, not just within the club, but within the whole school,” club sponsor Marcus Blankenship said. “It’s open to everybody, and we want to show people that we’ve all got something in common, and nobody’s alone.”

As the club starts up, there is anticipation amongst staff as well as students for its success.

“I hope the students feel supported,” Mr. Wilburn said. “I want them to feel like they have a voice within the school and that there are individuals in the school that care about them, value them, and will encourage them to speak up and ask for assistance if needed.”




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A Will to Survive assembly imminent