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Gramercy District Smart City

Jordyn Fantasia, Features Editor

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The citizens of northern Virginia who have witnessed its everchanging features and constant construction haven’t seen anything yet, with the addition of the first ‘smart city’ just outside of Washington, D.C.

New Innovations

This ‘Gramercy District’ is intended to “merge technology with real estate and create an environment that continuously adapts to the people who are living, learning, working, shopping and playing there,” according to 22 City Link.

This new model of a city incorporates technology and new innovations in every way it can, as it will be partnered with Microsoft, and have features such as local shops connecting directly to people’s individual smartphones for deals and notifications.

The producers of Gramercy District are also trying to make it as eco-friendly as possible, by aiming for all of their buildings to use energy in the most energy and cost effective ways.


22 Capital Partners, the developers of this new ‘smart city’, plan for construction in four phases, each including different aspects of construction and additions.

Costing more than $500 million, and covering about 2.5 million square feet of space next to Loudoun Station, this project is nothing short of a massive undertaking. Construction is due to break ground in 2019 and doesn’t currently have an estimated completion date.

Gramercy District’s addition to the DC area is expected to bring new levels of efficiency, technology, and ingenuity. It will bring the constant growth and improvement to the area to a new level, and make a large impact on both individual citizens, and the community

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Gramercy District Smart City