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Dancing for a Cause

Jordyn Fantasia, Feature Editor

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Stone Bridge has adopted many traditions and annual events over the years, but when this year rolled around, SCA decided it was time to incorporate a new one. Planned for Saturday, Jan. 14, and having a Sadie Hawkins-style, the school will have a winter formal.

New Traditions

The SCA has attempted winter formals in past years, but there hasn’t been enough student interest to continue through the years after. This time, SCA conducted a Twitter poll regarding the dance, and over 400 students voted to have one, so success is anticipated.

Girls ask Guys

A very popular dance theme among other schools, SCA proposed a Sadie Hawkins, or ‘girls ask guys’ formal to bring variety to Stone Bridge’s normal dances.

“It’s something different which is really nice,” sophomore Alex Moorehead said. “I like the idea of a Sadie’s dance because it takes some pressure off the guys to ask a girl out, and girls get a chance to be creative when asking guys.”

The dance is intended to be similar to homecoming, still having a DJ and decorations, just more casual, and mainly targeted toward underclassmen.

“Given that juniors and seniors have prom in the spring, once Homecoming is over, the freshmen and sophomores don’t really have another school event to attend,” SCA co-sponsor Skyla Ausel said. “We hope this is successful, so we can continue to do it and give the underclassmen something else to look forward to and be a part of the school community.”

Dancing for a Good Cause

Another unique characteristic of the winter formal is the objective to donate $5 from every $15 ticket to a charity that is yet to be decided.

“I think it’s great that some of the money is going to a charity; we can be helping people just by going to a dance and having a good time,” sophomore Lola Mcmullan said.

Bringing variety to Stone Bridge’s usual events, this winter formal is anticipated to have a great turn out by SCA, and become a tradition in years to come.

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Dancing for a Cause