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2018-2019 Staff

Kashish Khanna

- I love listening to music - I like traveling - Trying new recipies

Tanuj Sistla

I love watching movies, listening to music, reading, and taking pictures from time to time.

Jonathan Coello

Favorite Class: AP Biology Sports: Cross Country and Track and Field Music: Hip-hop, Pop.

Brian Moran

Loves dogs, listens to literally all music,

Ghazal Hami

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and finding new shows to watch. I listen to whatever my friends suggests me and whatever song that trending. My favorite class is biology.

Evelyn Rude

I enjoy editing videos and photography. I like to be inspired from music, art, and literature. Troye Sivan is my most favorite singer. My favorite class is Newspaper.

Sean Sorek

I like to listen to music and hang out with friends. I'm involved in Speech & Debate and the drama department.

Nusaiba Mahmud

I like painting, my favorite band is Panic! At the Disco, my favorite class is AP World History

Ricardo Talbot

I love running.

Indira Khaitan

I like hanging out with my friends, reading, watching netflix, and snowboarding. My favorite class is newspaper:)

Ben Nichols

I love listening to music, traveling, and doing photography. My favorites classes are Latin and AP World History.

Joshua Montano

I like to play soccer. My favorite music is indie, hip-hop, and rock. My favorite classes are chemistry, math, and of course newspaper.

Sravani Sunkara

I love hanging out with my friends/dog, watching TV, and my favorite class is newspaper:)  

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