Loco for Scream LoCo


Scream LoCo, a brand-new haunted attraction taking its guests through the woods in a nightmarish maze, is open in Leesburg from Oct. 7-30.

The theme of Scream Loco’s haunt is post-apocalyptic with attendees attempting to escape the now toxic wasteland of the surface by fleeing underground. However, radio silence falls shortly after the escape attempt and now it’s left to those brave enough to embark into the underground facility to discover why.  The creators of the haunt, the husband-and-wife team of Matt Smith and Jennifer Lassiter Smith,  have transformed a forest into a haunting abandoned bunker.

“We knew going into it that it would be a tremendous amount of work, but that if we have the right team we could do it,” Lassiter Smith said. “We are so grateful we have a great scream team.”

The maze is located in the woods behind Graydon Manor, originally a home and school for epilipic children that was turned into a mental health center before its closure six years ago. Mrs. Lassiter Smith and Mr. Smith have partnered with Graydon’s owner, David Gregory, and volunteered to build the haunt from scratch on the manor’s 132 acres.

“Starting something new is the easy part; seeing it through is what is hard,” Lassiter Smith said. “It’s been terrific to build this Scream team and go through it with everyone.”

We are so grateful we have a great scream team.”

— Lassiter Smith

Although this is the debut year for Scream LoCo, neither Mrs. Lassiter Smith nor Mr. Smith are strangers to haunted attractions. Mr. Smith’s cousin operates “Abandoned Haunted Complex” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and his mother runs haunted house fundraisers in North Carolina. 

“This isn’t the first time Matt and I have built a haunt from nothing,” Lassiter Smith said. ¨You could say that haunted houses are the new family business.¨ 

Scream LoCo’s scream team is made up out of volunteers who hope to raise money for charity. The organization has teamed with local nonprofit Synergy Community Foundation, with all the proceeds going towards education and tutoring services for the Leesburg Mobile Home Park. 

“We are thrilled to provide this opportunity not only for the students putting on this performance in a theatrical setting but also to give back to the community as well,” Gregory said.

The staff behind Scream LoCo would like everyone to know they are still accepting volunteer applications for people who are interested in joining their team as actors or event staff. For More information on applying, visit the official website.

“It is a place for all kinds of people to come together and express themselves creatively while building long lasting friendships,” HR Representative Crystal Mills said.

If you’re a supporter of Loudoun County businesses and nonprofits, or just looking for a ghoulishly good time, make sure to visit on one of their haunt dates this October. With enough local support, Scream LoCo plans on returning next year with even more to offer.

“Bigger and better! With other events throughout the year!” Lassiter Smith said