Alice in Wonderland

A Play by Running Dog Productions


In their first live performance since the beginning of the pandemic, Stone Bridge’s Running Dog Productions wowed audiences with one of their most ambitious plays yet: Alice in Wonderland.

The musical took the stage from Dec. 2 through Dec. 4, immersing viewers in a magical world of talking caterpillars and time-keeping rabbits. With a talented lineup of technical experts and actors, along with excellent production on the part of theater director Liney Marks, this year’s play drew quite the crowd to witness its unique whimsy.

“One fun fact is that Stone Bridge produced this play in the winter of 2006, one season after I graduated,” Ms. Marks said. “Our interpretation of the script in 2021 is vastly different from the one from 2006, but that is what makes Alice so fun; every director, actor, and technician can have a totally different take on the same script.”

Alice in Wonderland demanded a great deal of skill and dedication from Running Dog Productions, especially the backstage tech and special effects/costume staff. In order to devise the captivating, remarkable play viewers witnessed this December, behind-the-scenes workers were incredibly busy with their duties.

“I was nervous because there was always the possibility of something going wrong,” junior Trey Connor, a member of Running Dog Productions’ tech crew said. “But I was more excited because we had worked on it for so long and we were finally getting to show people what we made.”

. . . we had worked on it for so long and we were finally getting to show people what we made.”

— Trey Connor

Alice in Wonderland gave students the opportunity to use their individual skill sets to mold a show-stopping production. Every member of the team contributed something, and it wouldn’t have been possible without each of their individual efforts.

“My favorite part of the play was doing my tricks,” senior John Blasdell, who played the Frog Footman, said. “It’s my craft. I’ve been doing martial arts for 13 years, and being able to use it made me really happy.”

The smooth, effortless nature of the play might make the cast’s performance seem easy; however, the team encountered many challenges while putting together the show. Be it acting complications or technical difficulties, Running Dog Production’s Alice in Wonderland required enormous time and effort to pull off.

“There’s a lot of similar lines given how confused and curious Alice is,” senior Diana Altenhof, the play’s lead, said. “It was difficult to get every line perfect, and if not perfect, close enough to not throw the scene.”

However, as audience members can attest, the musical was a roaring success and testament to the hardworking nature of the theater department. One of the most appealing aspects of the play was the crew’s ability to overcome these challenges and create something beautiful.

“I am extremely proud of this production,” Ms. Marks said. “The show is emblematic of everything Running Dog is about: high-quality, original work; high-energy, engaging action on the stage, and a theatre community that supports one another through it all.”