How to Apply for a Job During Holiday Season

Evelyn Rude, Online Editor

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The holiday season is here, and that means there are a lot of job opportunities for students.


The best time to apply for a job is during the summer time, spring break, November, and December. For summer it is the best time to apply because employers are looking for workers who can work more hours. November and December are good times to apply because places need more workers for Black Friday and the Christmas season.


When searching for a job during the holiday season, many mall retail stores look for seasonal workers. To apply, walk into the store and ask a manager if they are hiring. Places like Hollister, Aeropostale, and Pacsun hire during November for Black Friday, but they also hire during December for Christmas season.


Since it is the holidays, places will usually give higher wages if asked. Try asking for $10 for an hourly pay. Most employers at the mall will give a paper application. Restaurants usually look for workers on or by email.


Creating a resume is simple. There are templates online that can be downloaded, but making a resume is better. The information needed on resume is: full name, birth date, address, email, education (including graduation date), previous jobs (if not then experiences that can help, like volunteer work), and three people who can be used as a reference.  This should not be a parent or relative. It could be a teacher, friends who work at the place that you’re applying for, or previous employers.


Resumes can have different fonts and sizes. They can be unique. Include an appropriate picture of yourself so the employer can know what you look like. There are also digital forms when applying online, but add a resume just in case.


“If the resume is done incorrectly —  leaving things blank, improper grammar, misspelled words — these don’t look good,” Aeropostale Manager Rachel Heard said.


Companies will usually either call or email to schedule a job interview. Do not go to an interview in sandals or crocs. For females, wear a nice blouse and unripped jeans or pants. For males, skip the shorts and wear pants. Be prepared for questions like your availability and experience. As long as you are calm, the interview will be simple and easy.


“Having a good attitude overall is also a major key,” Heard said.