Ian Devenish, Staff Writer

The goal of a singer is to make you feel emotions through song. It may appear effortless, but behind the scenes, there is a lot of work that goes into choir concerts.


According to director Daniel Jackson, selecting the music to be performed is the first task.


“Usually, the theme of the concert comes first,” Mr. Jackson said. “It may be based on one song that really, really touched me, and everything formulates around it, or to find songs that interpret the theme from different points of view.”


Selecting the music is, however, a difficult task as well.


“It’s difficult because you have to equate the music’s difficulty level with the students’ abilities and with their potential abilities,” Jackson said. “You may want to give a piece that’s challenging to them, but you have to determine if you have enough time to learn it… the nature of the song, the meaning of the song, how complicated the music is, their abilities all go into it.”


Each student has their own typical practice routine that helps them deal with the pre-performance jitters.


“I make sure I know my music, and a little bit of some other parts as well, and then definitely breathing exercises beforehand… and focusing on the group and making sure they’re prepared and feel good,” junior soprano section leader Athena Lansdell said.


Making sure the group is comfortable and prepared with their music is one of the biggest things a section leader does, but even choir members who aren’t section leaders try to ensure that as well.


“I really want to help improve my section, because being part of Bella Voce, we don’t really live up to the other choirs, so we try our best to, and we prepare every class, and we make time outside of school,” said sophomore Rythama Chevendra.


However, junior bass section leader  Nate Jolly has some different ideas about what to do the day of the concert.


“The day of, I don’t do really anything between when I go home and call time,” Jollysaid. “Before today I’ll have practiced at home, and practiced when I can, but I just try to relax the day of.”


And finally, for the actual concert, choir members work to arrange the stage to make it look pretty. At this year’s Winter Concert, flowers were placed on the edge of the stage, and lights were strung across the front of the stage.


The concert programs are designed by different people for each concert. For instance, the November dinner concert’s program was designed by senior Sophia Yankou, and the winter concert’s program was designed by class of 2019 graduate Paravi Das.


A lot of work goes on behind the scenes of choir concerts, both on the planning side and on the side of the singers preparing. When it all comes together, though, it’s worth it.