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Summer Concerts in 2017

Molly Mica, Opinions Editor

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Who’s playing?

The most popular genre for summer concerts is undoubtedly country music, but that does not mean the only concerts coming to the Washington D.C. area this summer are country.

Chance the Rapper will be at Jiffy Lube Live on June 4, Lionel Richie is coming to Wolf Trap on June 27, and One Republic will be at Jiffy Lube Live on July 21. As for country music, Luke Bryan will be at Jiffy Lube Live on May 12, The Zac Brown Band will be at Jiffy Lube Live as well on July 16, and Tim McGraw will be at the Verizon Center performing with wife Faith Hill on October 13. In addition, Jiffy Lube Live is hosting Florida Georgia Line on August 5, Jason Aldean August 26, and Brad Paisley on September 9.

Why go?

Besides, for the music, students who have previously attended a summer concert say that there is much more to the experience. “It was fun because a lot of people from northern Virginia go to the concerts so you can see lots of friends and meet new people,” junior Kelly Videgar said.

Country music concerts were by far the most popular with the student body last summer and will most likely draw a similar sized crowd this year. “Country concerts are especially fun in the summer; I love the concerts at Jiffy Lube Live,” Videgar said. Most of those who attended concerts last summer plan to attend at least one more this summer. It could be new artists coming to venues in the area; it could be finally finding a good deal on tickets, or simply being able to look forward to a fun time with friends after the stress of school ends. Whatever it is, summer concerts keep teenagers coming back year after year.


Why is it such a novelty?

Summer concerts have been a novelty for teenagers since the 1960s, with peace rallies and hippies. So how can they still be a popular activity after half of a century? It seems like their popularity has actually increased through the years especially because of social media. Summer concerts are so popular that one week cannot go by without seeing at least one picture of classmates at a concert. However, what makes these concerts so attractive to teenagers?

Summer concerts are source stress relief after a busy year; students see them as a way to let loose and relax with friends, food, and good music. These concerts have a certain excitement about them that brings lots of laughs and great memories between friends. After all, why drive around with the windows down enjoying the sun and your favorite artist, when you could sit on blanket with friends and see them in person?

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Summer Concerts in 2017