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Stone Bridge Teacher Recognized as LCPS Standout

Cecilia Gagilano, Features Editor

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English teacher and Public Speaking Teacher of Stone Bridge High School, Kathleen Thompson was named Loudoun County’s 2017 Teacher of the Year. She was honored at the Leading Educators Foundation Outstanding Teacher Recognition Dinner on April 28.


“It’s a huge honor because Loudoun County just has so many wonderful teachers so to be among those, to be chosen from such a great group of people is really great,” Thompson said.


Stone Bridge has had three previous teachers put on the list of Loudoun’s Teacher of the Year including, Elizabeth Korte, Allison Alison, and Kenneth Keller.


Thompson who has been teaching for thirty-nine years was inspired to be a teacher from previous teachers she had in high school who became role models for her.


“I also knew I wanted to have a pretty good size family and I knew that was a great job for having a family with being home with them in the summer.” Thompson said.


Four of Thompson’s kids are students of Stone Bridge High School; she even had one of her sons in her English class.


“It was so cool having my son in class, it has to be one of my favorite memories,” Thompson said.


Thompson is admired not only by her kids, but her students who have become a big part of her life going above and beyond for them.


“I want to do everything I can for them, I am so fortunate to have such great students,” Thompson said.


Even students from previous years come back to see Thompson and visit with her.


“Last year my entire class from AP last year all came home from college at the same time and they all came and saw me,” Thompson said.


Thompson is a true example of an outstanding teacher, always doing the best for her students and having a positive impact towards all.

The student news site of Stone Bridge High School
Stone Bridge Teacher Recognized as LCPS Standout