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Retro Fashion Trends

Molly Mica, Opinions Editor

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Trends from the 80s and 90s are “back and better than ever” in today’s society, as seen in the projects the fashion design class is doing about the revival of fashion from the past decades.

Fashion from an Adult’s Perspective

“I think All-Star Converse, ripped jeans from the 80s, and loungewear from the 90s are definitely back,” fashion design teacher, Natalie Hudson said.

She also mentioned the comeback of the “grunge look” with flannels. Although being popular among teens, she is not a fan.

“It just looks so messy, and dark,” Ms. Hudson said.

She added that instead of grays like last fall, this season will be all about neutrals and tans.

“I really like refreshing [trends] each season,” Ms. Hudson said.

Fashion from a Student’s Perspective

Trends are slightly different in the eyes of her students. On their projects they highlighted the lace-up shirt, denim skirts, accessories, and even hairstyles from the past.

“I think fashion trends throughout the years always end up coming back,” junior fashion design student Erin Higgins said.

The scrunchy, miniskirts, and choker necklaces also seem to be on the pages of vogue magazines and even the “big screen.”

“It’s really cool that trends can come back because people can wear some old clothes that they’ve kept over the years,” Higgins said.

Entertainment Trends

This new-found love for old trends, especially from the 90’s, is also seen in students’ media choices. Television shows and movies from the 90’s prove fairly popular among students which may explain why their fashion choices reflect that decade.

Shows such as Friends, starring Jennifer Aniston, first aired in 1994 and is still one of the most watched shows on Netflix. Seinfield, Frasier, and the Simpsons, join Friends in the top ten tv shows from the decade, and are watched by teens in today’s society as well.


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Retro Fashion Trends