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Singing Your Way into February

Sasha Chowdhury, Focus Editor

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With the initiation of the month February, Stone Bridge finds itself in the buzz and excitement of Valentine’s Day, specifically the singing telegrams. It is the day when various Stone Bridge students conglomerate in their designated groups to serenade other students with acapella versions of chart topping pop ballads.

The date of the singing telegrams is set for Friday February 12th this year. This year the telegrams will only be running during 6th, 7th, and 8th block this year due to the Bulldog Don’t Bully Assembly during 5th block.

There are currently four groups that are said to perform on the 12th of February. For sophomore, Sharmita Maulik, this will be her first singing telegram performance.

“I’m a little nervous because we are going to be singing in front of a lot of people so I want us to do well and I don’t want to mess up the words or anything,” says Sharmita from the group Treble in Paradise.

Regardless Sharmita is excited nonetheless, “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun because we get to go around singing to our friends.

Meanwhile, for senior Emily Snyder, this will be her second time doing the singing telegrams.

“I always get nervous singing in front of so many people but after singing 40 different times to 40 different strangers last year, I’m definitely more comfortable with making people uncomfortable!”

When asked about her favorite part about the telegrams, Emily said, “I love singing telegrams because I think they reall add some happiness to a holiday that is often misperceived as a lonely one. They bring the school together with laughter and smiles and to me that’s a great Valentine’s Day.”

Every group also has their own style of singing as well. Sharmita’s group will be singing Disney medleys and pop mash-ups. Emily’s will be singing pop ballads. Other groups will be singing soul music, and chart toppers. Make sure to buy singing telegrams to send to all of your friends.



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Singing Your Way into February