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Dual Enrollment Classes

Haley Shelberg and Julia Weisberg

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Some say AP classes are too much work and are a high level of difficulty, while others say academic classes aren’t challenging enough. Dual enrollment classes give an opportunity for a middle ground between AP and academic classes, and allow students to take a college class while still in high school.

Dual enrollment classes are college classes offered to high school students who are interested in taking college level classes. The school partnered with Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) and other colleges to allow students to get college credit at a less intense speed of workload.  This year is the first year that NVCC is covering to costs for the classes they offer.

“I like taking dual enrollment classes because they give automatic college credit,” senior Morgan Simmons said.

The school offers many dual enrollment class through many colleges including NVCC, JMU, GMU and Shenandoah University.  The NVCC duel enrollment classes offered at Stone Bridge include English 12, and Latin American History and Survey of African History which alternate each year.  Next year they plan on adding United States History. Other dual enrollment classes include Independent Science Research through GMU, Geospatial Science through JMU, and Teacher Cadet through Shenandoah University.

“I wish they offered more dual enrollment classes,” Simmons said. “I feel they better prepare you for college because you do more college-type work.”

Since teachers have to be certified and had to have taught a certain amount of hours, it is difficult to have dual enrollment for every subject.

“A dual enrollment government class will hopefully be offered in to next two years if there is a teacher that meets the qualifications,” Director of Guidance Tim Lucas said.

Students like the dual enrollment option because it offers a 0.5 bump to their GPA and the amount of work is very reasonable.

“I would definitely recommend taking a duel enrollment class,” senior Randi DiBuono said. “You do get a lot of homework at times like an AP class, but it’s definitely doable.”

Some students have trouble choosing to take AP or Dual Enrollment because of the differences between the classes.

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Dual Enrollment Classes