The Battle of The Winter Prophet

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The Battle of The Winter Prophet

Garrett Johnson, Staff Writer

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Some perceive Wayde Byard as a hero who makes the all too satisfying call that Loudoun County Public Schools are delayed or closed. So what does 2019-2020 have in store for Stone Bridge?


We can look back to the traditional Farmers Almanac that goes back generations upon generations, or we can look towards our very own Stone Bridge Winter Weather Prophets (and English teachers) Kevin Winsheimer and Matthew Sarmiento.


These two heavyweights have been fighting for many years, however, they may have finally resolved previous conflicts dating back to the beginning of their careers. On one hand, we have Mr. Sarmiento, who believes within the next month (during winter break) Loudoun county and the metropolitan area will be waking up to a white Christmas.


“I’m crossing my fingers. It’s been too long,” Sarmiento said.


On the other hand, we have Mr. Winsheimer who has predicted there will only be rain throughout December, however, he perceives by the end of January and the beginning of February. That we will have multiple medium sizes falls of snow, accumulating up to five to six inches.


“So far this winter it’s been wet I believe when the hot pocket sitting over D.C. cools down we will be set for some cancellations,” Winsheimer said.


Before continuing the interview with both of the weather prophets they were asked to summarize their background of weather predictions to ensure they had credibility over this topic.


“I have enjoyed studying weather for the past 20 years, ever since I was in high school,” Sarmiento said. “I get just as excited as my students at the possibility of snow.”


Winsheimer stated that he began studying model runs and listening to weather plans six years ago when he started teaching because he wants a snow day just as much as his students.


“I started listening to the weather plans and so I can determine the days I can just stay inside and relax in jammies,” Winsheimer said.


Sadly, when both prophets were asked the question if there would be a record breaking snow storm this year there was no hopeful news from either side.


“Unfortunately, I don’t think we will see any record-breaking snow storms, but I think we will see a few moderate-sized snow storms.” Sarmiento said.


Despite not having any good news for the upcoming weeks they have predicted throughout the course of this winter we will use 10 of the 15 scheduled snow days set by LCPS.


After hearing from both sides, these two heavy weights are ready for the fight of their lives, seeing who is the most accurate winter prophet. In the past they have had many debates over what the outcome of predicted weather will be, but alas these complications have not ruined their friendship.


“We get in heated arguments all the time, comparing our information from various sources,” Winshiemer said. “Once in a blue moon when we agree on something the chances of it not happening are doubtful.”