Netflix introduces New Christmas Sitcom Merry Happy Whatever

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Netflix introduces New Christmas Sitcom Merry Happy Whatever

Crista Bardales, Staff Writer

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One of the newest tv shows that was released on Netflix this holiday season is the sitcom “Merry Happy Whatever” which was made available for users to watch on Nov. 28.


“Merry Happy Whatever” is about a couple from LA named Emmy Quinn and Matt, who go visit the Quinn family to spend the holidays together. Matt’s mission is to ask Emmy to marry him on Christmas day, but he encounters many obstacles that push him away from doing so.


Along with Matt having difficulty being accepted into the family, the show brings light to topics like sexuality, marriage, work, pregnancy, and even family problems.


“I liked that they brought up these topics because we live in a generation of people who are all very uniquely different,” senior Anne Ocampo said. “And to showcase Dennis Quaid’s character (Don Quinn) as a strict catholic ‘boomer’ only emphasized how important family is after he learns to accept his daughter, Kayla, when she comes out as a lesbian.”


In the show, Don had lost his wife a few years back which is why he is seen to be so controlling. Senior Sarah Eid believes that not many people can relate to this, but for those who do, they must appreciate seeing it showcased onto a show.


“The show brought some really important topics and themes that I think sometimes we don’t talk about enough,” Eid said. “Like how Patsy was having trouble getting pregnant, or how a deceased spouse can be hard to deal with during the holidays.”


The show consists of some famous actors and actresses such as Bridget Mendler, Ashley Tisdale, and Dennis Quaid. Because they are so well known, especially among younger generations, many were surprised to see them in a show all together.


“I didn’t realize Bridget Mendler was playing one of the lead roles until 3 episodes in,” senior Gabriel Rodriguez said. “I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the cast list out of curiosity after searching google for who the main character reminded me of.”


Bridget Mendler is known for her role as Teddy Duncan from the Disney show Good Luck Charlie. Rodriguez added that he believes that the house set could be a reconstructed version of the house from Good Luck Charlie or Full house which he appreciates since it brought back memories.


“I was happy to see Bridget and Ashley on the show because they were such a huge part of my childhood. I think it brings the show together and creates a nostalgic atmosphere for the younger generation,” Eid said.


While some believe that there is nothing they would change about the show, others think there could have been a few slight changes that could have made the show a bit more entertaining.


“The only thing I wish could have changed was Dennis Quaid’s heart toward this role, since I believe he didn’t work to his full potential,” Rodriguez said.


Another project Dennis Quaid was in is “Yours, Mine, & Ours” which Rodriguez said he has a personal love for. He said he felt like he didn’t put much effort into “Merry Happy Whatever” compared to his other projects and wishes he would have done better.


Since the show only has one season and revolves around Christmas, Rodriguez added that he believes that it would not have a good amount of interesting storylines to use for a second season.


“I would recommend the show to anyone who enjoys the Christmas season.” Eid said. “I think the show would be a good reason to gather with friends and family and enjoy their time together.”