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Winter Orchestra Concert

Imogen Smith, Staff Writer

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The musical department of Stone Bridge celebrated the winter season with multiple concerts and showcases of their work.

Orchestra had a winter concert on Dec. 4. They played classic holiday pieces, such as selections from the Nutcracker, and other pieces including “Balalaika!” and “DNA”.

Sophomore and artist bass player Prayank Srivastava was excited to perform, and felt the anticipation of the upcoming holidays.

“My favorite piece was this one song called Winter Dances, it had two movements that were completely different, the first being super peaceful and serene, while the second one sounded insane,” Srivastava said.

Srivastava went on to say that “Winter Dances” was also the hardest.

“The second movement was super fast paced. It had a lot of time signature and key signature changes so it was hard to keep track. Everyone had to go absurdly high on their instruments which also added to the difficulty,” Srivastava said.

Freshman and advanced violinist Sarah Krishnamoorthy’s preferred piece was also difficult.

“‘Balalaika’ was my favorite because of the balance and it sounded really nice”, Krishnamoorthy said, “but it was the hardest, because of the notes and shifting.”

Krishnamoorthy said the mood of the concert was excited and fun.

On Dec. 6, guitar played holiday and contemporary pieces, including “Riu Riu Chiu” (Spanish Carol), and “Au Clair de la Lune”. Additionally, the Trailside Middle School guitar ensemble played in the beginning.

Sophomore and artist guitarist Hannah Hilburn was excited to perform.

“A concert is a chance to show off everything we’ve done in the past three months,” Hilburn said.

Hilburn said that the mood was relaxed and welcoming. Hilburn’s favorite piece was the Latin-inspired “Mango Tango”.

“It had some very interesting harmonies, and I like fast-paced music,” Hilburn said.

The hardest piece for Hilburn was “Kemp’s Jig.”

“There was a lot of string changing,” Hilburn said.

Additionally, choir had a concert on Dec. 7 and band had a concert on Dec. 14.


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Winter Orchestra Concert